Review: White Hot (Men In Uniform #2) by Nina Bruhns #ProfilingMysteries

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Book: White Hot (Men in Uniform #2)
Author: Nina Bruhns
Article Type: Book Review

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U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Clint Walker is on the run across the icy Alaskan Bering Sea. The Chinese operatives tracking him will do anything to retrieve the stolen military plans in Clint’s possession–and kill him for their trouble. Desperate to safeguard the documents, he stows aboard a cargo ship–and comes face to face with the most beautiful–and determined–ship’s commander he’s ever encountered…

Captain Samantha Richardson won’t let anything–or anyone–stand in the way of her career…especially now with her whole future riding on this latest run. Yet the sight of her brash stowaway’s enticing bedroom eyes and his hard, muscular body has Sam fantasizing about indulging in a small indiscretion, just this once. After all, Clint Walker is her ideal man: hot, intriguing, and temporary.

But when Clint and Sam give in to their simmering passion, they emerge to face an exploding danger that threatens to put an all too permanent end to their growing feelings…and their lives.

Review: White Hot (Men In Uniform #2) by Nina Bruhns #ProfilingMysteries

Read from August 14 to 15, 2012
Read for Profiling Mysteries (Bought for Myself)
Overall Rating 4.75
Story Rating 4.75
Character Rating 4.75

First Thought When Finished: I need a man in uniform *sigh*

What I Thought of the Story: Nina Bruhns is quickly becoming one of my favorite Romantic Thriller/Suspense writers. She knows how to write a good story to go with all the smexy. In fact, I think I am a little in love with the way she ties her series together with little winks/nods to the books/characters that have come before. In White Hot, we get to see what happens to Clint after the end of Red Heat! He has got the disk and must make it back before the Chinese can track him down. To do this he stows away/signs on to be First Mate of a shipping vessel. Captain Samantha is his match in every way and when they are attacked she holds her own. The action in White Heat is top-notch! It reminded me a bit of The Hunt for Red October in its pacing and style. Nina just does a great job at pulling you into the story.

What I Thought of the Characters: Captain Samantha Richardson was a smart, tough, and independent female that I could identify with. That made the story so much fun. I kept asking what would I do and she reacted the way that I hope I would. Granted that included getting pissed, freaking out, and then taking care of business. She wasn’t prepared for the mess that Clint brought with him. Clint=HAWT! I have a thing for guys with Native American heritage. They just scream: HOT! Plus a Navy Seal. Clint was White Hot and pretty much a walking fantasy. The only thing that stopped the characters from being a 5.00 was the insta-love within 24 hours kind of thing but then again they were in an extreme situation. Plus, I would totally fall in love with Clint so there is that!

Final Thought: I love this series! I don’t like that only one a year comes out (next book summer 2013) but I will be pre-ordering as soon as its available! (DeAnne’s story is next and that is going to be wicked fun)

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21 responses to “Review: White Hot (Men In Uniform #2) by Nina Bruhns #ProfilingMysteries

  1. Great review, but I read some other review about this book, with a serious issue with it, something I really do not like. Still, glad you enjoyed it so much πŸ™‚ I have not tried this author yet.

    • I don’t think these would work for everyone. She plays fast and loose with “situations” that I don’t think would happen (aka the sex in the hammock for 5 hours in a hidden room on a small shipping vessel while running from foreign nationals was a bit over the top). I was able to suspend reality while reading it but it will not work for everyone. I read a lot of reviews that didn’t like it and I couldn’t say they were wrong. This is one of those cases where the characters were the reason I loved the book so I overlooked the weak story surrounding them.

  2. Hugs my friend! Anyone who bullies you deserves to get their ass kicked! Wow your gushing review made me want to drop everything and read this now. The cover is pretty darn smexy too! Two delightful eyefuls today!

    • I just warn people if they read this series that you need to suspend disbelief for a bit—it gets smexy at some pretty “intense” times. Then again if I had hot alpha male with me and my life might end—I might throw care to the wind and just do it right there too πŸ™‚

  3. Oh man. I could really go for a book about a hot navy SEAL. On a random but sort of related aside, have you seen the show Stars Earn Stripes? Sweet baby Jesus there are some delicious military men in that show! Couple of Navy SEALS, and ridiculously good looking Green Beret, and a smattering of other yumminess. I’m on a military kick now because of it, and I must read this book!