Richelle Mead signing in Dallas, TX (December 14, 2010)

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Tonight I went to the Richelle Mead Book Signing in Allen, TX. 
This is just part of the crowd waiting to see her!  She had a great turn out!
 She did a reading from “The Keepers” section of the book!  It was a fun bit to read aloud!
She did a Q&A session where she answered questions about all of her series:
Character most like her: Georgina from the Succubus Series 
Character most unlike her: Rose
Why John Cusack (Succubus Series): Why not? LOL (she really likes pop culture)
She always knows how a series will end!
 Unclear on how many more books in the Eugenie series but at least one more.
The last Succubus book and Bloodlines will be releasing close to each other…probably next August!
The line to get books signed 
It was a fun night! I did not get any books signed because I have to work in the morning.  However, it was all around a great time!  She is fun, personable, and have to love her willingness to travel to meet fans.
I haven’t read the succubus series but the ladies I was standing next too convinced me they should be bought immediately and read.  Looks like something I will have to do 🙂
PS. Tomorrow my Waiting on Wednesday is going to feature the 3rd book in the Dark Swan Series (Eugenie)…I love it and it is hitting late Feb or early March!

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