Review: Threading the Needle by Marie Bostwick (Audiobook)(Rating 4.75 Wine Glasses)

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From Goodreads: From New York Times bestselling author Marie Bostwick comes a beautiful novel of sisterhood lost and found—and of the ways we create the rich tapestries that encompass the past and the future. . .

The economic downturn has hit New Bern, Connecticut, and Tessa Woodruff’s herbal apothecary shop, For the Love of Lavender, is suffering. So is her once-happy thirty-four-year marriage to Lee. They’d given up everything to come back to New Bern from Boston and start their business, but now they’re wondering if they made the right decision. To relieve the strain, Tessa signs up for a quilting class at the Cobbled Court Quilt Shop, and to her surprise, rediscovers the power of sisterhood—along with the childhood friend she thought she’d lost forever. . .

Madelyn Beecher left New Bern twenty years ago and never looked back. But when her husband is convicted of running a Ponzi scheme and she’s left with nothing but her late grandmother’s cottage, she is forced to return to the town she fled. Unfortunately, the cottage is in terrible shape. Madelyn’s only hope is to transform it into an inn. But to succeed, she’ll need the help of her fellow quilters, including the one friend she never thought she’d see again—or forgive. Now Madelyn and Tessa will have to relive old memories, forge new ones, and realize it’s possible to start over, one stitch at a time—as long as you’re surrounded by friends. .

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Overall Rating 4.75
Character Rating 4.5
Story Rating 4.5
Audio Rating 5.0

NOTE: This is the 4th book in the Cobbled Court series but stands on its own. This is the first one in the series that I have read/listened too and didn’t feel like I was missing much at all.

What I Loved: Both leads in Threading the Needle, Madeline and Tessa, both had characteristics that made me fall in love with their stories. Madeline’s journey from awkward child that people thought was lazy to making it on her own was full of perseverance, acceptance, and hope. Though I won’t go into details, I will say that it makes you take a 2nd look at the people behind the stories that you hear on TV and wonder whose circumstances are similar. Tessa’s story was filled with different kinds of struggles but ones I think a lot of women go through when they hit middle-aged. Her positive attitude, hard work, and supportive nature shine through. I think it is these qualities that not only help others but ultimately lead her to answers in her own life.

What I Liked: The supporting characters in this story were what brought everything full circle. From the Quilting circle to the men, each played an integral part in bringing these two old friends together again and set them on a course of realizing their own potential.

Complaints: None

Audio Review: This is one of the best audiobooks I have listened to this year! Both narrators, Hillary Huber and Bernadette Dunne, delivered great performances, perfect pacing, and even pulled off the male voices quite well.

Why I gave it a 4.75: This will probably rank as one of my favorite Women’s Fiction books that I have read. I thought the story was touching, the characters were easy to relate too, and the pacing was right for the type of story it delivered. The audio was outstanding and it will stick with me for awhile.

Marie Bostwick

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4 responses to “Review: Threading the Needle by Marie Bostwick (Audiobook)(Rating 4.75 Wine Glasses)

  1. Diana (Book of Secre

    This sounds like a really good story. The whole series sounds good. I've always wanted my own herbal apothecary shop!

  2. Kavitha Narayanan

    I am not into audio as much as I would like too but this sounds like one we should listen too.. Thanks for the fantastic review

  3. Melissa (Books and T

    Hee hee… *dances* You read out of order! This does sound like a good read. I might have to try an audio book and you make this one sound good!