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From Goodreads: The ultimate secret. The ultimate agent. Nathaniel Cade returns.

For 140 years, Nathaniel Cade has been the President’s Vampire, sworn to protect and serve his country. Cade’s existence is the most closely guarded of White House secrets: a superhuman covert agent who is the last line of defense against nightmare scenarios that ordinary citizens only dream of.

When a new outbreak of an ancient evil-one that he has seen before- comes to light, Cade and his human handler, Zach Barrows, must track down its source. To “protect and serve” often means settling old scores and confronting new betrayals . . . as only a centuries-old predator can.

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What I Loved: Nathanial Cade is back folks! All of the things I loved from Blood Oath are back in The President’s Vampire: historical perspectives, combining myth with science, very bad guys, shady characters, and good guys who do what they need to in order to fulfill their promises. Blood Oath and The President’s Vampire both contain very interesting characters that really make you get involved in all their actions. This installment was action packed and Christopher Farnsworth did a fantastic job of weaving in elements from today with the paranormal world. Nathanial Cade is a character with unwavering focus but really to me, it was Zach who kind of stole the show. I really just thought Zach was “ok” in Blood Oath but he has finally come into his own. He is an asset to Cade and they make a fantastic team! I really can’t say enough about how much I love each and every character in this book. Even the bad guys have layers that make them compelling.

What I Liked: The story itself was strong, well-paced, and satisfying from beginning to end. I enjoyed getting lost in each of the locations and wondering how Cade was going to work out each of the challenges he encountered. The glimpses back in history also managed to add to the action and give you glimpses into who Nathanial Cade really is. The most wonderful thing about these stories is that at times Cade and Zach stumble which to me rang realistic. That really helped sell the story because no one (paranormal or not) is going to be perfect all the time. That showed that Christopher Farnsworth was very in touch with his characters and their stories.

Complaints: none

Why I gave it a 5: I love this series! It is perfect for filling the void that Jack Bauer left in my world when it went off the air. I really like unapologetic heroes that do what they need to in order to protect their country (granted I like this in theory–I don’t want to meet any in real life).

Who I would recommend this too: Thriller/Military Readers who don’t mind a little paranormal twist to their stories!

Christopher Farnsworth

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