Review: The Pleasure Garden by Amanda McIntryre, Charlotte Featherston, Kristi Astor (Netgalley)(Rating 3.5 Wine Glasses)

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Many lifetimes ago, the beautiful May Queen exquisite seduction not with her husband, but in the arms of the Green Man—the passionate ruler of all that is warm and light. And thus began the earth’s most torrid love triangle.Now three women of diverse eras are drawn to the mystical site of the Celtic queen’s tragic demise. Their fiery obsession ignited by Beltane Magic is barely perceived, but erotically felt. With each kiss, their passion would break an ancient curse— and reunite a love most profound….
Driven by an unseen force, a Celtic maiden seduces the one man forsaken by law and principle—an Englishman soon for the priesthood….
The future lady of Fairfax House yearns for illicit nights and perfect love in the arms of her betrothed’s cousin….
She inherits a decrepit house and garden that awakens in her a raw sexual awareness, the likes of which she can abide alone no longer….

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(18+ Read) Actual Rating: 3.5

There are 3 stories in the book so I am going to divide them down:

1) Cara’s Story: Sacred Vows by Amanda McIntyre (3.5 Wine Glasses)

How was the steamy:  Edmund and Cara sizzled from very early on in the story.  Their initial attraction was both sensual and forbidden which made their coupling that much more intense.  The author was very good at bringing that simmering heat between them to the surface.

How was the story: This is a fairy tale for adults but it is of the darker variety.  The story had a nice arc and allowed you to know the characters together and separately.

2) Catherine’s Story: Perfumed Pleasure by Charlotte Featherstone (4 Wine Glasses)

How was the steamy:  I actually found this to be the steamiest of 3 stories.  It was dark both literally and figuratively.  That heightened each encounter between Catherine and Josclyn.  It was very tantalizing and each scene was played out with perfection.

How was the story:  The story flowed at a nice even pace but it just wasn’t long enough.  The author did a great job with the amount of time she had but I wanted more.

3)Emmaline’s Story: Rites of Passion by Kristi Astor (3 Wine Glasses)

How was the steamy: This was a little different for me because I initially didn’t feel the heat between the two characters.  By the end of their story the connection was there and it felt authentic.  So I would say the steamy at the beginning was “eh” and at the end “hot”.

How was the story: This story of 2nd chances at love was done very well.  I thought two roadblocks was a bit much for a short story but the author did well moving both characters through the obstacles.

Why I gave it a 3.5 (4 on Goodreads):  Overall all 3 stories filled the steamy/story combo line very well.  As with most stories, you want a little more but each of the authors told complete stories in the amount of time given.

Who I would recommend this too: Erotic Romance Readers—this is one steamy read!


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4 responses to “Review: The Pleasure Garden by Amanda McIntryre, Charlotte Featherston, Kristi Astor (Netgalley)(Rating 3.5 Wine Glasses)

  1. Jenny

    Whoa. Sorry, I haven't read your review yet, I've just been staring bug eyed at the cover:) *scrolls back up to read*Okay, these sound very sexy:) It's nice they still told complete stories even though they were short:)

  2. Melissa (Books and T

    Hm… not sure if this one is for me. However, I like the idea of the green man. Will think on this one. 🙂

  3. theJeepDiva

    I talked this book at book club last night. Told em to look into & that I was waiting for your review.

  4. Marq

    I just downloaded the e-galley to my Kindle today! I love Charlotte Featherstone so I hope her story is hot!