Mystery Review: The Look of Love by Mary Jane Clark

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From Goodreads: Piper Donovan accepts when the owner of Elysium, an exclusive spa and plastic surgery center, offers her an all-expenses-paid trip to Los Angeles to create a dazzling and unique wedding cake. The job also gives Piper the time and distance she needs to sort out her feelings for handsome FBI agent Jack Lombardi.

The ultra-luxurious spa caters to the rich and famous in need of a little “refreshing”—a nip here, a tuck there, a little Botox, a little detox. Nestled in the Hollywood Hills, Elysium seems picture-perfect: the grounds, the staff, even the guests. But no sooner does Piper arrive than a guest is brutally murdered in one of the private bungalows. Someone, it seems, wants to make sure Elysium’s beautiful director, Jillian Abernathy, never gets to walk down the aisle. Piper soon discovers that beneath the glamorous surface of this idyllic oasis lies an ugly truth—and a cold-blooded plan for murder

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Challenges: Mystery/Thriller Challenge

Overall Rating 2.75
Story Rating 2.50
Character Rating 3.00

First thought when finished: The story just coasted then bam it was done!

What I Loved: I did find the characters of The Look of Love to be interesting. I did not read the first book in the series so I did not know what to expect. However, I really loved the Abernathy family. I also really loved Piper’s family.

What I Liked: I thought the giving of a few different suspects for the murders was very well done. Mary Jane Clark managed to set it out where you could pick apart the clues and see who fit.

What made me go “huh”?: The book was just a little to choppy for me. I never felt quite connected to the mystery or Jack/Piper’s relationship. I thought the end was a bit abrupt and there wasn’t enough action for a mystery novel. Though it wasn’t light enough to be a cozy mystery. The book just kind of fell in the middle.

Final Thoughts: This is my first book to read by Mary Jane Clark so I might not have been prepared for her writing style. I do believe fans of hers will be pleased with the story and very strong characters.

Mary Jane Clark

The Look of Love A Piper Donovan Mystery

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7 responses to “Mystery Review: The Look of Love by Mary Jane Clark

  1. Shonda

    I read the first book in the series and liked it. So I was happy to see the release of the 2nd. I'm on the wait list at my library. I recommend her KEY News series. I thought it was pretty good.

  2. Natalie (Mindful Mus

    Honestly, this doesn't sound like something that would hold my interest, so I think I'm going to pass on it for now. It was nice to hear your thoughts on it though! 🙂

  3. Stephanie

    I have this one on my list to review and am a little skeptical about reading it. And I like thrillers and mysteries so too bad this one did not succeed at its goal.

  4. Melissa (Books and T

    Hm… well, if I try her books, I don't think I'll start with this one. Choppy… not good.