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Nalini Singh dives into a world torn apart by a powerful race with phenomenal powers of the mind-and none of the heart.
In a world that denies emotions, where the ruling Psy punish any sign of desire, Sascha Duncan must conceal the feelings that brand her as flawed. To reveal them would be to sentence herself to the horror of “rehabilitation” – the complete psychic erasure of everything she ever was…

Both human and animal, Lucas Hunter is a changeling hungry for the very sensations the Psy disdain. After centuries of uneasy coexistence, these two races are now on the verge of war over the brutal murders of several changeling women. Lucas is determined to find the Psy killer who butchered his packmate, and Sascha is his ticket into their closely guarded society. But he soon discovers that this ice-cold Psy is very capable of passion – and that the animal in him is fascinated by her. Caught between their conflicting worlds, Lucas and Sascha must remain bound to their identities – or sacrifice everything for a taste of darkest temptation…

Bought for Myself
Overall Rating 4.25
Story Rating 4.25
Character Rating 4.25
Audio Rating 4.50

Note: Alright all my friends that have read this series, swore to me that I would want to devour it, and made fun of me for not jumping on the Psy-Changeling Train—YOU WERE RIGHT! I am now buying my ticket (aka the rest of the books) on the Psy-Changeling express!

What I Loved: What a fantastic opening to a series! Slave to Sensation held all the things I loved in a series opener: good groundwork, introduction of characters outside the main couple, interesting world building, and just enough unresolved issues to keep you coming back for more. The world in which the controlled Psy exist with the very feeling Changelings is one full of rich possibilities and introducing those through Lucas and Sascha was a perfect way to go. I don’t want to give away the story but I think both of these character were great reflections of the two races that we will see in this series or at least I hope so.

What I Liked: Just about everything else: the tracking down of the serial killer, the dealing with the council, the striving to come to terms with accepting who you are, and the connections made/broken are all really well done. The pacing was spot on and I really didn’t feel any kind of lag at all in the story.

Complaints: None

Audio Specific: Angela Dawe did a fantastic job on the narration! She had good pace, great voice technique, and made sure to make each character unique.

Why I gave this a 4.25: Fantastic freaking opening to a series. I was not disappointed at all.

Nalini Singh
Slave to Sensation
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6 responses to “Review: Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh (Audiobook)(Rating 4.25 Wine Glasses) #toberemo

  1. Tara SG (25 Hour Boo

    So considering that I already own this… I'm guessing I should move it up in my TBR πŸ™‚

  2. Melissa (Books and T

    Oh I think I have this one somewhere on my tbr. It's either this one or the one after. *smacks head* I'm so unorganized! lol This sounds so good. I need to dig it out of the pile!

  3. Christi Snow

    Oh no….do I have room for another series in my life?!?! OMG, this sounds good. I may just have to go check and see if my bookstore has it in… smiles!

  4. Missie

    Aaaagh! Another series I have to catch up on, or in this case, start! I've heard so many great things about it! I've worried that this series would be to complex for me to follow along with because I have read a short story from the series and there were so many elements that came into play, but from the little bit I got, I like it. But I do love getting lost in a well developed world, so I'm game to give this series a go. Looks like now I've got to catch that Psy Changeling train. πŸ™‚