Review: Operation Endeavor (When the Mission Ends #2) by Christi Snow

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Review: Operation Endeavor (When the Mission Ends #2) by Christi Snow
Book: Operation Endeavor
Author: Christi Snow
Article Type: Review

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About the Book: Colton Robertson left his career in the Air Force…

… to come home and help his family heal. Unfortunately, his reception was not quite what he’d hoped for and he ended up as roommate to hippy dippy yoga instructor Penelope Pruitt.

Penelope has spent her life under the restrictive thumb of her parents and she doesn’t want to do the same with the straight-laced, serious Colton. But when it becomes apparent that Penelope’s life is in danger, Colton won’t settle for anyone else protecting Penelope besides him.

Opposites attract and that’s definitely the case with Colton and Penelope. On the surface, they don’t have anything in common, but as the sparks fly and the danger ramps up, their passion is inevitable.

Review: Operation Endeavor (When the Mission Ends #2) by Christi SnowRead from January 01 to 04, 2013

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Overall Rating: 4.00
Story Rating: 3.75
Character Rating: 4.25

First thought when finished: WOW! That was quite a wild ride with a twist that I just didn’t see coming.

What I thought of the Characters: This is where I think Christi’s writing shines in this story!

“You’re just a great big old marshmallow under that sexy, stern male exterior aren’t you?”

Colton is the consummate caregiver! He has/is the person who has taken upon themselves to take care of everyone around him. That makes his relationships difficult sometimes because he doesn’t know when to let people have wings and fly.

Penelope is probably my favorite of the 3 women in the series. She is smart, fun, and very much her own person. She gets in her own way during relationships but she was the one who noticed it! I love that she is following her dreams and is protective of those around her.

Together they were just the right combo and I loved the slow romantic build. In the end, it worked so well that you just knew they were in it for the long haul!

What I thought of the Story: I am going to admit that this is one of those books that took a bit to get into but once it hit the 33% mark, I was all in! (Rating: First third 3.00/Second third 4.25/Last third 4.75)

Family: While the subplot of the story, I felt that the relationship between Colton and Chris was very important to describing who Colton was as a person. I have to admit, in the beginning I wanted to slap Colton! He wanted Chris to “work on it” but then gave him like a 3 month timeline. I realize this is fiction but it drove me nuts! Yes, after a year Chris needed help but I think this just showed Colton’s need to fix everything. How he changed with Chris was what highlighted Colton’s growth as a person for me. I thought it was beautifully done!

Action: I really enjoyed the action in Operation Endeavor! The last half of the book was so twisty/turny that I think it would have made an excellent thriller on its own merits! There were some things that happened that I totally did not see coming!

Romance: I thought taking it slow with the romantic storyline was the right call for Pen and Colton. They needed to grow organically and I felt that was nicely done!

Last thought: Another good entry in the When the Mission Ends series. I am really looking forward to Chris!

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17 responses to “Review: Operation Endeavor (When the Mission Ends #2) by Christi Snow

  1. Marcia

    Christi – I love this newest addition to my personal library. Your level of writing and character development continues to grow to new heights. Colton and Pen are believable, compelling and engaging, and I loved their story. Can’t wait for more, more, more! Proud of you…

  2. Amy

    Loved. I loved how Colton reacted everytime he was in Pen’s wake. I love big, tough men that are mushy, romantics inside. Can’t wait for Chris & Julie’s story.