Review: Heart of Danger by Lisa Marie Rice

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Review: Heart of Danger by Lisa Marie Rice
Book: Heart of Danger
Author: Lisa Marie Rice
Article Type: Book Review

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About the Book: They are Ghosts. They do not exist. Their birth certificates have been destroyed, all traces of their civilian and military pasts wiped out. They have no official military rank and wear no uniforms or insignia, save a tiny steel pin of a striking hawk forged from the rifle that killed Osama Bin Laden. Once again Lisa Marie Rice delivers a sizzling, heart-stopping new series as only she can tell it

Ghost Ops. A small team of super elite soldiers so secret only two men know of their existence-General Clancy Flynn and their commanding officer, Colonel Lucius Ward. On a mission to destroy a US-based lab working on weaponized bubonic plague, the team is betrayed by their commanding officer. The Team is massacred and only three men survive to be court martialed: the Team Leader, Tom ‘Mac’ McEnroe, tech genius John Ryan, and lethal Nick Ross. They disappear en route to prison and are never heard of again.

Mac and his men hole up in a high tech lair, completely off the grid. But when a beautiful woman somehow finds him, he doesn’t know whether to kiss her, or kill her.

Dr. Catherine Young is on a mission, propelled by forces beyond her control to find a man who has disappeared off the face of the earth. She is bearing a deadly message from a dying man. Catherine has a gift that allows her to see into the heart of others. But looking into Mac McEnroe’s heart is like looking into the heart of danger itself.

Review:  Heart of Danger by Lisa Marie Rice

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Overall Rating: 4.00
Story Rating: 4.25
Character Rating: 3.75

Fall Funk Reviews (Quick and Dirty because I am in a Review Writing Funk)

First Thought when Finished: Heart of Danger was a great start to a new series that hit my romantic suspense with a twist sweet spot.

What I Thought of the Story: Heart of Danger was an excellent beginning to a new series! I really enjoyed this world that Lisa Marie Rice created. It was an interesting mix of future with a feeling of realism. I liked how all the “outcasts” came together and created a place that was safe/thriving. The suspense was just the right amount of action and planning. The “guys” were a good combo of smarts/brawn and that showed in the follow through of the story.

What I Thought of the Characters: This is going to sound somewhat contradictory: I loved all the side characters but wasn’t in love with the main couple (rating based on them). Since this is a romantic suspense, let me start with the main couple: Mac and Catherine. Individually, I loved both of them. Mac was smart, tough, loyal, and scarred. Catherine was smart, headstrong, and held her own. I just didn’t “fall in love” along with them. That being said, I liked them together. I really found myself wanting to know more about all the side characters and can’t wait for this series to continue!

Final Thought: The Ghost Ops series by Lisa Marie Rice will end up on my auto-buy list because I really did enjoy this brand new world!

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12 Responses to “Review: Heart of Danger by Lisa Marie Rice”

  1. Mary

    I’ve done that! Loved the side characters so much more than the MC’s. Very strange feeling when that happens. But a hot and patriotic cover really helps assuage the pain, right?

  2. Jenny

    Well hello there gorgeous cover! *pets screen* I’m thinking this is going to be a good series for me Felicia! I’m a little bummed you didn’t fall in love with the main couple, but I’m glad you at least liked them well enough to enjoy their story overall. I’m super excited about the secondary characters though, I love when they’re strong, especially when I know I’ll be getting their books later in the series:)