Review: Gideon’s Sword by Preston & Child (Rating 3.75 Wine Glasses)

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In this exciting and page-turning thriller we are introduced to Gideon Crew, star of the brand new Preston and Child series.

At the tender age of twelve, Gideon Crew witnessed the brutal murder of his father, a scientist wrongly framed by the US government, and shot down by police during a hostage crisis.
More than twenty years later, Gideon finally gets his revenge and fulfills the promise that he made to his mother on her death bed to clear their family name. 

He brings down the man who destroyed his father. But then a mysterious witness steps forward to confront Gideon on his crime – and to offer him the chance of a lifetime…

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Book Release Date: 2/22/11

What I Loved:  Gideon Crew is an interesting mix of smart, wily, driven, and enigmatic.  It was really nice not knowing what he would do or what lengths he would go to in order to complete his mission. His methods were clever and well thought out.  He never seemed to be out of sorts no matter what situation he was put in too.

What I Liked:  This book actually had two cases: 1) for revenge and 2) for money/patriotism/what the hell.  The plot to revenge his father was tied up rather quickly and I would say satisfactorily.  It was important though because it showed you Gideon’s method of figuring out things.  What lengths he would go to and how well he could think on his feet.  Most importantly it showed how he could use people around him to accomplish his goals.  The second mission was the meat of the book and was a page turner. I won’t give anything away about it but it had a good story and some great twists.  It is also what the blurb should have been about rather than the part about Gideon’s father.

Complaints:  The first is that the blurb about the book really isn’t what this book is about.  It didn’t distract from the story but it might be misleading to people.  The second (and I am going to be vague in order to not give anything away) is the open-ended way they left a diagnosis open that I am not sure I bought in the first place.  What the second means is that I will probably really enjoy book 2 as I think it will be something that Gideon works on.

Why I gave it a 3.75 (4 on Goodreads and Library Thing): This books is well written, well paced, and pretty much full throttle from the get go.  It would have been a solid 4.5 if not for that nagging second issue in my complaints.  It really bugged me but it won’t stop me from reading the rest of the books in the series as they are released.  I really liked Gideon as a lead character and want to see what he does next.

Who would I recommend this too:  Fans of thrillers of the spy/espionage type.  I think if you have read the rest of the Preston & Child books you know what to expect from their type of writing.

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