Review: Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning (Audiobook)(Rating 4.5 Wine Glasses)

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From Goodreads: He has stolen her past, but MacKayla will never allow her sister’s murderer to take her future. Yet even the uniquely gifted sidhe-seer is no match for the Lord Master, who has unleashed an insatiable sexual craving that consumes Mac’s every thought-and thrusts her into the seductive realm of two very dangerous men, both of whom she desires but dares not trust. 

As the enigmatic Jericho Barrons and the sensual Fae prince V”lane vie for her body and soul, as cryptic entries from her sister’s diary mysteriously appear and the power of the Dark Book weaves its annihilating path through the city, Mac’s greatest enemy delivers a final challenge…

It’s an invitation Mac cannot refuse, one that sends her racing home to Georgia, where an even darker threat awaits. With her parents missing and the lives of her loved ones under siege, Mac is about to come face-to-face with a soul-shattering truth-about herself and her sister, about Jericho Barrons…and about the world she thought she knew.

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What I Loved: This is going to be a hard review to write because I do not want to spoil the book for those who have not read it.  It is my favorite book in the series so far.  The pace was quick but not overwhelmingly so. The writing was well done and the audio was fantastic.  It was almost like a giant chess game that you knew where it was going and then it would whip lash you the other way.  Everything made sense and yet you still could be caught off guard.  Mac, Barron, The LM, Vlaine, Danni, Rowena, Kat (who I think is the most level-headed of the bunch), and the rest of this delightful cast of characters each shown brightly whenever they were on the page.  Really a great example of using all your characters to their maximum potential.

What I Liked: I really appreciated the fact that the rest of the world was affected by the opening up of the walls and that it was addressed.  So often times, big bad world changing things tend to be relegated to one area (though you know they can’t be) and the rest of the world is ignored.  It really made the story more believable that she included all areas of the world.

Complaints: Again with the cliffhanger πŸ™‚  I am so glad I had Shadowfever on hand or I would have been stomping mad.

Audio Specific Review: The Dual Narrators: Natalie Ross, Phil Gigante did such a fantastic job that it is hard to put into words.  I would listen to anything they narrated.  Though this is the first book they both did in this series so it takes a few chapters to get used to Mac 4.0’s voice.

Why I gave it a 4.5:  This was a fantastic book in the series!

Who I would recommend this too: Urban Fantasy Fans –though you need to start at book 1.

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5 responses to “Review: Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning (Audiobook)(Rating 4.5 Wine Glasses)

  1. Melissa (Books and T

    I'm almost there. I have it on the tbr but just need time to get to it. Can't wait. I needs to get to this one!!!

  2. Missie

    Felicia, what are you talking about? You were the last to read it. ;)You hit the nail with the Chess Game analogy. Honestly, I was surprised and amazed that KMM took the story there, to where the whole world was affected. That takes balls, yanno? Because, you're right, it is hardly ever done. Can you imagine how pissed I was when I finished this book back in June and had to wait until Jan for the conclusion? Glad you can proceed right on through. Cool tidbit about the dual narrators on the audiobook, but why? The story is told in first person by Mac. Unless I don't remember something correctly.

  3. Danny

    I'm so glad you loved the audio just like me! Seriously those two working together are the best thing I've ever heard. Adding a male voice to narrate the male parts is incredibly awesome and I wish this would be done more often! Shadowfever is just as good! Hope you'll love it too, but be prepared it's long, 19 hrs:))