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From Goodreads: The Tudor king issues Lady Catherine Milton a most unusual command: seduce Scottish loyalist Ross Dunbar. The son of an ornery borderland laird, Dunbar would make an advantageous match, but King Henry cannot force him to wed. So Cate must ensnare him…

A rush of courtly parties and passionate nights in Dunbar’s embrace leaves Cate breathless…and confused. She desires a proposal for the sake of propriety and politics, but she longs to be truly loved. Tortured loyalties are not hers alone—though Dunbar is enchanted by Cate, he cannot bind himself to England and abandon his people.

But when a pretender to the throne ignites a rebellion, the choice is made for them: to solidify northern alliances, Dunbar and Cate must wed. Suddenly Dunbar’s death appears certain—either by his bride’s curse or by a war he did not choose…

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Overall Rating 4.00
Story Rating 4.00
Character Rating 4.00

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NOTE: This is the 2nd book in the The Three Graces Trilogy and another great addition. I am enjoying this historical set in the time of Henry VII very much.

What I Loved: Ross and Catherine were a very well matched couple. They both had strengths and weaknesses that balanced them out. I almost swooned when Ross rescued Catherine from the bandits near the beginning of the book. My swooning did not end there either—he was always doing something very worthy of being her man! However, being Scottish he did not feel he was worthy of an English Lady. Lucky for him, Henry was a bit smarter and so was Catherine. The love story was just all around wonderful.

What I Liked: I have a feeling that Seduced by Grace is going to be my favorite book of the series. Lady Marguerite Milton is a spitfire, romantic, and really wants to be swept off her feet. I enjoyed getting to know more about her in this installment of the series.

Complaints: None

Why I gave it a 4: The was an enjoyable addition to the series.

Jennifer Blake

Books in the Series:
By His Majesty's Grace (The Three Graces, #1)By Grace Possessed (The Three Graces, #2)Seduced by Grace (The Three Graces, #3)

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7 responses to “Review: By Grace Possessed by Jennifer Blake (@NetGalley)(Rating 4 Wine Glasses)

  1. Melissa (Books and T

    Maybe we should make men in kilts (well, the cute ones with the beautiful legs) a law? National law? :)This looks like I may have to pick up this series. It looks good. Perhaps at least this one… Hm…. Kilts…

  2. Bookish Brunette

    Dude! I know I've said it before… I don't usually go for historical romances, but I love the Tudor era!! Win!!

  3. Jenny

    I've been on a historical romance kick lately – I just blew threw the Jennifer Ashley series about the Mackenzie brothers – LOVED. This might be a good series to try next:)