Review: Beat This! Cookbook by Ann Hodgman forward by Elizabeth Berg (@NetGalley) (Rating 4.5 Wine Glasses)

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Do you think you have the absolute best recipe for apple pie? Maybe your neighbor claims to make the best meatloaf around. Did your Italian grandmother serve the best spaghetti sauce this side of the Atlantic? Well, unless you or that neighbor or your grandmother is Ann Hodgman, you’re wrong!

The book that the editor in chief of Vanity Fair called “the funniest, most engaging book about food I’ve ever come across” has now been revised and updated: more than half the recipes are completely new, and many of the originals have been “oomphed up” to make them even more shamelessly delicious.

Beat This! Cookbook contains more than a hundred all-time favorites, from Burnt Sugar Ice Cream and White Chocolate Raspberry Pie to Chili-Cheese Casserole and Onion Rings. Each one is guaranteed to make people take a bite, stagger with joy, and beg you for the recipe.

Review from NetGalley
This is a re-issue of a great cookbook with updated quips, recipes, and antidotes!
Book releases March 15, 2011

What I Loved:  I have loved every version of this cookbook but haven’t been able to find a copy in awhile.  When I saw that another version was coming out with tidbits from Elizabeth Berg, I knew I needed to get my hands on it.  The book did not disappoint.  This is not a typical cookbook—oh don’t get me wrong it is full of great recipes—but it also full of humor, stories, and it feels like a county cookbook you would buy from the local 4-H Club. Word of warning though that unless you have a metabolism that allows you to eat whatever you want and maintain a beautiful figure, these recipes are more for the special occasions where good old fashioned home cooking is called for!  If you are one of those people that can eat whatever, whenever please don’t tell me–I want to continue liking you!

Recipes on my list:
Apple Crisp
Bacon Deviled Eggs (reminded me of a friend of mine0
Blue Cheese Dressing
Brussel Sprouts
Pecan Pie
Pecan Puffs
Roast Chicken

Some of the fun things in this book to give you a glimpse at what to expect:

What I Liked:  All around this had many more recipes that I might try but it also gave me ideas in the back of what to do with left overs, how to measure, and just what things really mean.  That useful information can be used with any cookbook that you have!
Complaints: None
Why I gave it a 4.5:  Really a great cookbook that I will be buying and putting on my shelf!
Who would I recommend it too:  People who love good old fashioned recipes that you can serve to family and friends!

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