Readers N Ritas Recap: Fun, Fun, Fun!

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This past weekend was Readers N Ritas (click here to learn more about the conference) and I had a blast!  I am going to admit upfront that I did not take many pictures.  I was to busy chatting with my blogger friends (Smitten with Reading, Jackie B, Tina, Simply Ali, The Jeep Diva, and Rhonda QT), chatting with my book club friends (names withheld to protect the NOT SO INNOCENT), stalking authors (Louisa Edwards, Marie Bostwick, Kristen Painter, Dakota Cassidy, Michelle Bardsley, Ann Aguirre, Jaye Wells, Monica Burns, Jill Monroe, Gena Showalter, Jade Lee, Nikki Duncan, and Vicki Pettersson), and meeting new authors to me (Roxanne St. Claire, Connie Cox, Missy Jane, Jane Porter, Melissa Bourbon/Misa Rameriz, JD Tyler/Jo Davis, and Winnie Griggs).  Also, I stalked the brilliant MC Candace Havens and mingled with the Fresh Fiction crew as much as possible.

I also didn’t take notes this weekend so my recap is pretty much off of memory.  On Friday Night was the welcome dinner/happy hour!  What a fun evening.  I hung out with Jade Lee for a bit, Christi from Smitten with Reading, and just caught up with all my friends.  There was wine, fun, and chatting.  What more can you ask you for?  Saturday was a bit of a blur, it was so full of fun! There were panels (don’t ask how the following topics were brought up–Mighty Mouse vs Superman, Vay-Jay-Jay, and Knitting—not all at the same panels LOL), a luncheon (sat with Marie Bostwick and Louisa Edwards–had champagne, good times, and silly conversation), Author Lounge (which is where I think my sister hung out all day), Avon Live Streaming Chat (Vicki did an excellent job as always–she just rocks it), book signing (crazy fun was had by all), Bachelor Auction (I blushed), and Masquerade Ball (too much fun and the Queen of Hearts ROCKED)!  Sunday was brunch with the authors (sat with Connie Cox and Winnie Griggs—we talked yarn so I was in HEAVEN) and then home.  This year truly was a whirlwind and tons of fun!  Can’t wait till next year!

Here are a few pictures from this weekend:

Gena Showalter lunch interview
Costume Ball with Friends
Hands down the best costume of the Night! (stole from Fresh Fiction–they know where I live so they can hunt me down LOL)
Lunch with Marie Bostwick and Louisa Edwards–best table EVAH w/Ali, Eli, Sandi, Carrie, and I
My First Basket Win of the Weekend
My Second Basket Win of the Weekend
Before Unpacking
After Unpacking
Felicia S
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11 responses to “Readers N Ritas Recap: Fun, Fun, Fun!

  1. Aurian

    What a great event, to meet that many great authors is really one of my dreams. And then to win so many books, heaven!

  2. jackie b central tex

    Not only did I get to see you again in the same year but thank you for telling me back in June this one was the event that was so not to miss! Felicia it was better than my expectations and after our Labor Day disaster so what I needed to do this fall, fun laughter and such wonderful authors to enjoy chatting with it was over too soon.See you next year and this time may even have a decent costume to enter during the Masquerade Ball, maybe. LOL

  3. Melissa (Books and T

    Holy crap on toast! You really won some great goodies! The panels also sounded like a lot of fun. Oh and oooOOOoo did you win a bachelor?? 😀 BTW, LOVE the dress!! I'm stealing away next time and coming! 😀

  4. Jenny

    Wow!!! Those baskets are amazing, lucky you! This looks like such a fun event, maybe I'll be able to make it one of these years.And your costume was too cute, you looked adorable Felicia!

  5. Ronda (Queentutt&#03

    Hey sweetie, so glad you got to see me, I mean I got to see you – LMAO! Oh what a good time the whole event was. I loved all the authors, they are all just fantastic people.I owe you big time my friend, thanks to you giving me my name for my costume and to think I actually won one of the catagories of best costume in character. Does that mean I have to split my prize with you – LOLCan hardly wait to see you at the next event. Sending ya lots of love! Ronda Tutt – Queentutt – Head Steamstress