Readers N Ritas 2012 Recap

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This past weekend was Readers N Ritas and I was lucky enough to attend for another year.  I am going to admit that this year was a little different for me because I wasn’t staying at the hotel and was still on call for work.  I did get called on Friday Night and had to leave a few times during the day on Saturday.  I did not get to fully experience the Con and definitely did not get to hang with some people as much as I would have liked (Melissa, Brandy, Ali, Miranda, and Joy I am looking at you)!

What little I did get to hang out though was a total blast.  This is mostly due to Elizabeth Boyle, Cathy Maxwell, Jenn LeBlanc, and my friends Jenn, Tanya, and Kelly!  I haven’t read either Elizabeth or Cathy but after hanging with them that will be changed.  If their writing is half as fun as they are,I am in for some fun reads!  I also need to give a special shout out to Tina D!  It was so great getting to see her again and thank you for letting me crash your dinner table on Saturday night 🙂

Here are the pictures: (Cathy Maxwell, Elizabeth Boyle, Jenn LeBlanc, and Swag)

Readers N Ritas 2012 RecapReaders N Ritas 2012 RecapReaders N Ritas 2012 Recap

Readers N Ritas 2012 Recap

Readers N Ritas 2012 Recap


I love that this conference is local to Dallas and I get to go every year!  Next year though I think I am going to stay at the hotel again so I can get the full enjoyment out of the weekend again.



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27 responses to “Readers N Ritas 2012 Recap

  1. Nitty

    I’m so glad Tina introduced us! Was so cool to have dinner with you and “laugh” together..bwhahaha. Loving your blog. Totally fell in love with Cathy and Roz Lee when I lucked out and both of them sat on either side of me at Sunday brunch. Look forward to seeing you again next year.

  2. aurian

    Wow Felicia, this sure sounds like an awesome convention! Hope you get the chance to stay for the whole weekend next year!

  3. I was wondering where you were. I didn’t think it was RomCon. I’ve so wanted to go. Ritas is in the title. This is my kind of event. $$$ has been my roadblock. Maybe next year.

  4. I need to move to Dallas. Seriously. This looks like such a fun event, and while it sucks you were on call for it and couldn’t enjoy it to the fullest, it still seems like you had a blast while you were there:) Thanks for sharing pictures Felicia!