#ReadAThon Hour 15 Mini-Challenge: #FitReaders 5 Minute Get Up and Go!

Posted October 22, 2016 by Felicia S in Dewey's 24 Hour, Read-A-Thons / 107 Comments



Welcome to #ReadAThon Hour 15 Mini-Challenge:
#FitReaders 5 Minute Get Up and Go!

This challenge is fairly simple I just need you to get up and move for 5 min! Leave a comment telling me whether you danced, walked, jogged, jumped, or did something crazy like push-ups!

So now that you have done that don’t forget to enter for a book of your choice up to $10 (open to everyone over 18-void where prohibited).

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107 responses to “#ReadAThon Hour 15 Mini-Challenge: #FitReaders 5 Minute Get Up and Go!

  1. I’ve been moving about to my self-made reading playlist to stretch my legs. Less dancing and more jerky, awkward movement, though, as I was still reading whilst doing so.

  2. Lauren

    My lower back was starting to protest the reading nest I had made in my room so I did some back stretches and then ran up and down the stairs a couple of times to wake me back up. I feel energized and ready for a couple more hours of reading!

  3. Daisey

    I walked around the house, started a pot of tea, walked outside to take my Frightful Reads photo, and made another lap around the house.

  4. I just walked to the library (even though it’s closed because it’s just about midnight here) and put my books in the book return. Then I walked home!

  5. Cori Holmberg

    I got up and did some stretches, lunges, arm circles, neck rolls, karate kicks and running in place. Thank you! Cori Holmberg

  6. I jogged around the rug for five minutes, alternating with a high-step march when I realized five intervals of sixty seconds is longer than I would have initially believed.

  7. I got up and followed my cat and our guest cat around. They were quite a bit annoyed with me for doing so. I guess they didn’t want me to find out what they were getting into.

  8. brushed my teeth while standing on one leg for a minute and then switched to stand on the other for a minute…. then I took my evening supplements quickly and then did some knee lifts and squats to finish out the song. (about 3 minutes of that. LOL

  9. Paramondi

    I walked around to see what mischief my cats were up to… and then chased two of them away from the trash can and the string cheese wrappers in there!

  10. Max and I did two push-ups and then – this is where it gets wild – we did what is called a “stacked push-up” in which I did a push up on his back while he did a push-up on the floor. So, beat that. πŸ™‚

  11. Frances Cristina G

    I took Zoey for a walk to the gas station. They gave her a dog biscuit. All the way home she kept barking about how great you are. I was feeling, as the young ones say, so jelly that I took extra minutes to play keep the mummy away with her. She loves me again so I can return to reading now. Haha.
    This was both fun and needed.

  12. JaretG

    I went up and down my stairs for 5 mins. I’m completely out of breath. I sat down at the top of the stairs and the cat sat next to me just staring at my idiotic self. LOL

  13. Elsie

    I was just about to walk to the mailbox… partially to wake up and partially because I accidentally brought home someone else’s mail last night and it was too late to go back…

  14. I had my own private dance party… XD It’s my go-to method when I need a quick homework break and am in my apartment! I turn out the lights, put in earbuds, and dance with my eyes closed until I work up a sweat XD

  15. I really needed this mini-challenge! I didn’t realize it until I stood up and started pacing around the apartment that my back was hurting a little. I listened to a bit of The Exorcist while I paced.

  16. Diana C.

    I stretched and did some squats and now im looking forward to staying in bed the rest of the readathon πŸ˜‰

  17. Mary Caputo

    I helped my mom get things into the house after her return from out of town and tried a costume on my 1 year old son for Halloween that his grandmother got for him. He was so adorable.

  18. Morgan stevenson

    I walked around my house while reading and almost ran into a wall multiple times and then I walked to the fridge to get food ??

  19. Jane

    I love that song!!! My daughter and I did a mixture of walking, dancing, and jumping . I feel better already! Thanks!

  20. Julie

    Put my headphones and danced around the house…..the dogs follow me around and dance with me. Three songs – about 10 minutes! Since I am also in a number of ‘step’ challenges, there has been a book going on my treadmill all day too. Did three treadmill work outs!

  21. Just had my own personal dance party to “Thinkin’ Bout Something” by Hanson. Definitely got my blood pumping… also my cat is now hiding behind the couch because he’s afraid of my terrible dance moves.

  22. Elizabeth A.

    Great timing for this challenge as I needed to get up and stretch my legs anyway! I walked around the house – laps through my kitchen, dining and living rooms. The dog thinks I am nuts. πŸ˜‰