#25NovellasofChristmas: All She Wants for Christmas by Amy Rose Bennett & A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

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NOTE: These “reviews” are as simple as it gets but I am reading 25 Novellas for Christmas this year. This is my way of sharing these with you. Most of them were free on Amazon (with a few exceptions) in 2016.

Read for Fun (Kindle Freebie)
Overall Rating: 3.50
Story Rating: 3.50
Character Rating: 3.50

Quick Thoughts: This was a super quick read but Tessa and Jasper were such a good match that it didn’t feel rushed. The only thing I wanted more was a little more depth to the resolution. However for a Christmas Novella it really it hit the spot.

Part of 25 Novellas for Christmas 2016

Listened to for Fun!
Overall Rating 5.00
Audio Rating 5.00
Story Rating 5.00

Note: A Christmas Carol has forever been one of my favorite Christmas stories. I make a point to read it or listen to it every year. I also watch several different versions and one of my favorites is the version Patrick Stewart was in a few years ago on TNT. So when I heard he read a version for audiobook—I had to get it! This is not so much a review but a celebration of one of my favorite Scrooges of all time!

Patrick Stewart has such the perfect voice to tell this story. Through out the audiobook he manages to deliver each line with such emotion and fire that you are drawn into the story immediately. My favorite part (as always) was his alternate view of the Cratchetts. Patrick Stewart did a fantastic job with Tiny Tim’s voice and that of the Cratchett family that I smiled the whole way through! The pudding scene always makes me giggle and this section did not disappoint in this reading!

At the end, during the wonderful part where Scrooge’s heart grows huge—Patrick Stewart delivered a performance worthy of applause. From the vast expanse of his downfall to his spectacular rise. I was totally caught up in the glee in his voice and the smile that stuck with me through out the day is well worth a re-listen again this season. I think I will make this version of A Christmas Carol a must listen every Christmas Season!


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13 responses to “#25NovellasofChristmas: All She Wants for Christmas by Amy Rose Bennett & A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

  1. I adore Patrick Stewart and that’s my favorite version.

    I’ve been horrible about reading Christmas novellas this year but there’s still time! lol

  2. I am going to follow your novella reviews this month because I need to get a few in so I can meet my goal of 150 books I am 14 books away and I want to finish so I can read some lengthy books during the holidays. What have been your favorite novellas so far?