Quick Reviews: Body Double by Tess Gerritsen(5 Wine Glasses); Dragons Prefer Blondes by Candace Havens(4 Wine Glasses); It Had to Be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (3 Stars);

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Due to the Read-A-Thon I did not take my normal notes during reading so writing my normal reviews would be difficult at best.  I decided to try a different approach and give you a Quick Review of the books I read!
Story Rating: 5 Wine Glasses
Audio Rating: 4 Wine Glasses

This is probably my favorite in this series so far.  I really enjoyed all the twists, turns, and swerves that the case took.  In true “is it a good mystery” fashion, I did not guess the ending in advance.  That being said there was a part about the ending that irked me but it was still done well. The plot and pacing were fantastic.  At no point did I think the story stalled or was unbelievable.  We got more Isles in this story which is good because up to this point it has been mostly Rizzoli.  I am hoping in the future the books are more balanced with both.  They really are a good team together: both loving their jobs, being good at it, and being women in a male dominated field without it being a big issue.  
I would highly recommend this book to fans of thrillers.  I don’t even think you really have to read them in order as you would only miss a few things and those are not part of the case.

Rating 4 Wine Glasses

I really love this series!  It is fun, light, easy to read, and then men are always just so darn hot.  The Caruther sisters are smart, capable, stubborn, and can kick some *ss in their Guardian roles.  They are all very well balanced with 2 careers (far more than I would be) and even though they are all drop dead gorgeous, they seem to have the same insecurities all us normal gals have.  Favorite things about this book: The Dragons are nasty, the leading guy is smart/sexy/vulnerable, the addition of one very cool “granddad” type, and some very naughty dragons.  Also, I am hoping in future books we get more Death, he just seems like a great character to get to know. 

Really if you love fun, snarky humor with kick butt leading ladies, smart handsome men, and a whole slew of otherworldly problems this is a great series to read.  

Books in Series:
The Demon King and I

Dragons Prefer Blondes

Quick Review
Rating 3.5 Wine Glasses

It Had to Be You is the first in the Chicago Stars book and a pretty good beginning to the series. I am a recent fangirl of SEP and love her writing. She always manages to balance fun with serious and tackle some pretty hefty issues in her stories. In this story, I liked Pheobe from the beginning because you saw that much of her outward actions were driven by a horrid past and some insecurities. That being said, it took me awhile to warm up to Coach. I didn’t think he was a bad guy but he didn’t exactly scream leading man material to me. By the end, I did warm up to him and the whole Chicago Stars team.

I think if you like Sports Romances and Contemporary Romances that you will like this series. I have read them out of order so you don’t necessarily have to start from the beginning.

Susan Elizabeth PhillipsBooks in Series  
It Had to Be You ; Heaven, Texas; Nobody’s Baby But Mine; Dream a Little Dream; This Heart of Mine; Match Me If You Can; Natural Born Charmer

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