Quick AADNola Recap (it is all about the readers) and I’m Back :)

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Hi Y’all!  I am back from my week long hiatus!  I missed all of you terribly but it was great to have a little break 🙂 I am totally jazzed about BoutOfBooks starting today!

However, I am here to do a  quick and dirty round-up of my experience at Authors After Dark NOLA or AADNola!

NOTE: This year I did NOT go as a blogger but just a reader!  Even my tag just said my name and that changed the dynamic of the con for me.  In most ways it was better as just a reader and in others it wasn’t as fulfilling.    I also did not stay in the same hotel as the con and because I signed up late did not get tickets to many of the events.  I want to mention that so you keep my experience in perspective!

Things I Loved:

  • Meeting Missie The Unread Reader and Pam Midnyte Reader!  Seriously–highlight of my freaking con.  Had I not gotten sick (I came home with bronchitis) there would have been major debauchery had with these two.  We are just peas in a pod!
  • Meeting my twitter buddy Annie-Lou!  She is by far one of my favorite people ever!  She is freaking blast! Plus, she kept me in the loop!  Seriously freaking awesome!
  • Finally meeting Diana FREAKING Rowland!  Y’all know I am a fan girl of EPIC proportions!  We are now twitter friends too!  I am still freaking out over the cute stuff she gave her cafe zombie gals!
  • The White Trash Zombie Cafe outfits! I am hoping Pam got a better picture of them but y’all I think we rocked the casbah.  I have my tray in a place of honor in my room!  Loved it!
  • Seeing all my blogger buddies that I haven’t seen since last year!  I didn’t get to spend hardly any time with anyone but even just a moment was enough to realize what an amazing group of friends I have!  This is the reason I go to cons!  I love authors don’t get me wrong BUT it is my fellow readers that always make the event one to remember!
  • On the same note: Melissa S, Jess H, and Heather L!  These are authors that I totally consider friends that I fan girl over!  It is always a joy to hang with them 🙂 🙂
  • The sight-seeing!  Seriously New Orleans is a hot mess on a bender every day but it is a totally great city to sight see in!
  • Going shopping with TXBookJunkie!  We had fun Friday morning just checking out the city!
  • The Food (outside the convention)!  I gained 5lbs and not even caring!  It was amazing 🙂
  • The hotel I stayed in: Prince Conti!  I would recommend this hotel to anyone 🙂
The Rest: (I didn’t love or hate these things but since they are commonly asked I will let you know)
  • Swag:  I only got 8 books (4 in my welcome bag, 2 from Mel, and 2 from lunch) and all my swag fit in one bag.  I don’t personally think conventions are about the swag but since it is part of the “selling” of a con it is important to note.  I didn’t get to attend the opening night event so I am not sure if there was more there.  Also, they had run out of bags by the time I registered so I am not sure if the original bags had more in them.
  • Drama: As a reader, I found it minimal this year compared to last year.  I don’t think there were any major issues but I do still feel that planners need to be nicer in general to the people who pay to come.  I know that they are under a LOT of stress while putting on the convention but by year 4 you should probably either work on having someone be your “face” or work on how you treat people.  Kindness and consideration go a long way.  No one pays to be snipped at. The pre-emails that were rather harsh in tone and the blog post about how the con is not about you were a little uncalled for too. The con should actually be about the attendees since they pay to be there.  As I said, there probably needs to be a coordinator/pr person that is a little more generally “personable”.  The con itself is great but negativity can be a hamper.
  • Guidebook: This is a both a plus and a minus.  I am going to use the last day as a #fail as originally the going home event was at 9am and that morning it updated to 8am.  They were giving the baskets away and there were a lot of people not there yet.  On the other hand, the guidebook was dead useful for keeping track of what was going on.  So I think it is a great tool that just needs a little work for next year.
This was my experience and my POV!  Overall, I had a blast and to me Cons are only as good as you make them.  I love seeing all my friends and these events are perfect for those kind of connections.  I wouldn’t trade the good moments for anything.
Pictures (I didn’t get many):


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24 responses to “Quick AADNola Recap (it is all about the readers) and I’m Back :)

  1. Twimom227

    It was so great to see you again – albeit briefly. I didn’t realize you weren’t at our hotel! I pretty much agree with your assessment. It was a blast for me – NOLA was fun and the con went pretty smoothly – except that snafu on the last day. I feel bad for people who didn’t get to win gift baskets because of it.

    Hope to see you again soon!

  2. Great AAD recap post!
    It was great seeing you again, Felicia!! I’m looking forward to seeing you at Readers ‘n ‘Ritas 😀

  3. The swag was minimal. I went to every panel & event possible. I got there the first day. It all fit in one bag when I packed. I do a ton of giveaways on my blog & my followers like the swag. Not everyone can get to a convention to get the bookmarks.

  4. So jealousI I would have loved to come hang with you all and Diane freaking Rowland and Zombie outfits! Oh New Orleans is on my dream list of cities to visit! Glad you are back!

  5. Pam and Missie! So jealous you got to meet them. 🙂 I’m glad you had a good time, but how strange of the organizers to be so snippy.

  6. I did see some of those earlier rude comments from the organization you were talking about. I couldn’t believe it. I would have gone if I could just to keep in contact with the amazing people I talk to via bloggies! 🙂 I have to say I’m very jelly of your shirt, so you better keep it in a safe place or I’m coming over to steal it. 😉

    So glad you had fun. So sad you got sick. Still, wish I was there!

  7. It sounds like a complete blast! I love the idea of going as a reader rather than a blogger–I can see how the focus would change a bit. More FUN times and really doing exactly what you want without bringing your blog into it (like a monkey on your back? maybe.). NOLA seems like the perfect place for reader debauchery. Sorry you got sick!

  8. OMG what fun!
    I love your report.
    And I must admit, I’m quite curious about this drama you mentioned. Especially last years.
    And of course I’m totally jealous because I want to hang out with you and Missie.