Crafting with The Geeky Blogger: Paperback Book Tree

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Craftign with The Geeky Blogger

Crafting with The Geeky Blogger is born out of my love of hot glue, yarn, and all things crafty. These posts pop up whenever I want to share something that I have finished and want to share with y’all. The posts will be random from crochet to cooking to paper crafts. They are a way to bring some of my outside of reading hobbies to the blog. I hope that you enjoy them!

This week’s craft was inspired by The Book Nympho who made this wonderful paperback book tree (out of the phonebook):

The Book Nympho Tree

I decided I would try and give it a whirl (mine is no where near as good but it was fun)!

The Geeky Blogger Tree Final

What you need:

  • Paperback book with glue spine (phonebook, old book, 2nd hand book) that is at least 60 pages
  • Glue — preferably crafting glue (I used a glue gun and I think this is where I went wrong)
  • Topper — anything will work. I used a left over ornament
  • Straight Knife (or something to cleanly remove the pages with spine in tact)
  • (optional) Glitter
  • (optional) Base (I used a cork board tile)
  • (optional) Decorations

How It is Done:

  • Find a book you don’t mind destroying (phonebook, old tech book, $1 clearance book from 2nd hand store). It needs to have an intact spine that the glue is holding pretty strong!

2014-12-12 07.34.16

  • Take the cover off the book (yes cringe you pristine book lovers–you are knowingly demolishing a book)

2014-12-12 07.34.58

  • Count out 30 pages and then remove them from the book still glued together (this is where your straight knife comes into play)

Demolishing Book

  • Take one section and start folding: Each page take the top corner and fold to center and then repeat again

2014-12-12 07.43.09

2014-12-12 07.43.17

2014-12-12 07.43.30

2014-12-12 07.43.48

2014-12-12 07.44.05

2014-12-12 07.44.26

2014-12-12 07.46.07

2014-12-12 07.54.46

  • Here is where you have to make a decision: Cut the ends (will show an example of a quick one I did), Fold the ends (my tree at top), Keep the Ends (I believe that is what Jennifer did) (each works but gives the tree a different look)

2014-12-12 07.55.48

2014-12-12 07.56.17

2014-12-12 07.54.46


  • Now repeat the process for the other set of pages (I flip the book over and work the opposite way)


2014-12-12 07.59.57

2014-12-12 08.00.25

2014-12-12 08.00.31

2014-12-12 08.00.54

  • Next Glue the two sections together (I would suggest a glue stick as I had some problems with the glue gun setting too fast)

2014-12-12 08.17.48

  • Now decorate and top as you would like! These really can be as festive as you would like them to be πŸ™‚ I used glitter, foam stickies, and an ornament. Also I put it on a cork board base because I folded the ends in and wanted something to put it on πŸ™‚



Have you made one of these? What tips do you have?

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40 responses to “Crafting with The Geeky Blogger: Paperback Book Tree

  1. I am so totally not creative, and willingly destroying a book is just not in me. But I do like the look of this Felicia. How long did it take you?

  2. Fun! What are you talking about yours looks adorable! No I haven’t made one but I think I’ll do Christmas ornaments for my next craft post perhaps or one of the posts later in the month so I have time to make a few.

    • I can’t wait to see those. I am trying ornaments and so far they are getting better. I am going to have to invest in a scrapbooking cutter though. I think it would make it easier.

  3. I absolutely love this, and I think the Hubs and I are going to give it a try. I’m trying to be a more crafty person- I’m even making art to try to win Maggie Stiefvater’s Raven Cycle tarot deck. I really never thought that I had any creative talent (the imagination part, yes, but not the actual skills), but it’s really just a matter of trying it. I’m loving all your craft posts!!! I might try to get some members of my book club to form a craft club…

    • Crafting is fun πŸ™‚ Even when it is a total disaster (I have plenty of examples of this LOL). It is just a fun way to let out some energy. I do hope y’all gave this a whirl πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. I saw these on Martha Stewart a few years ago and I have always wanted to make one and cover it with glitter. How long did it take you?

  5. WOW you put a lot more work into yours! All I did was fold the pages and the curled it around to make a circle and clipped it to stay put. Not cutting or gluing required. LOL

    Yours is cuter. I didn’t add any stickers or such to mine.

    • Well dang! I didn’t even think of that! I should have just asked you how you did it instead of trying to figure it out LOL I watched 2 You Tube videos and kind of made it like them but dimplier. Yet yours worked out better LOL

  6. Oh I cringed looking at the pictures, even with an old book I don’t think I could do it..maybe a phone You did a great job with it. πŸ™‚

  7. This is adorable! I am now going to rummage through my house to find a book I don’t need and make this with my daughter, she will love it. Maybe even cute trees to decorate my kids rooms with. Awesome post thanks for sharing!!!

    • Oh I think this would be a really fun kid craft. Make they write on or color the pages. That would be an awesome and something you could keep πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚