Book Club Review: Pack Challenge by Shelly Laurenston

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Book Club Review: Pack Challenge by Shelly LaurenstonSource: Kindle Purchase

Format: eBook

Pack Challenge by Shelly Laurentson

Date Read: February 2014

Genre: PNR, Romance

What’s an Alpha Male to do when he meets the Alpha Female of his dreams? Step one, hide all sharp objects…

All Zach Sheridan ever wanted was to become Alpha Male of his Pack and be left alone. What he definitely didn’t need in his life was some needy female demanding his attention. What he never saw coming was the vicious, scarred female who not only demanded his attention but knew exactly how to get it.

Sara Morrighan knew this was the best she could expect from her life. Good friends. A nice place to live. And a safe job. But when Zach rode into her small Texas town with his motorcycle club, Sara knew she wanted more. She knew she wanted him.

But after one sexy encounter with her dream biker, everything is starting to change. Her body. Her strength. That new thing she’s doing with the snarling. Even her best friends are starting to wonder what’s going on with her.

But this is only the beginning. Sara’s about to find out her life was meant for so much more. And Zach’s about to find true love with the one woman who makes him absolutely insane.

The book has been previously published and expanded for Samhain Publishing.

More Information:
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Series: Magnus Pack #1


Read for Book Club (Kindle/DFWTea)
Overall Rating: 4.00
Story Rating: 3.75
Character Rating: 4.25

First Thoughts when Finished: Pack Challenge by Shelly Laurenston has been on my kindle since 2010 screaming to be read and now I am chomping at the bit to get the rest of them–in other words, I liked it!

Book Club Thoughts: Overall Pack Challenge was a hit. We all pretty much liked the setup of the series. The biggest hit was the ladies. They were spunky, fun, and showed true friendship. The guys were HOT but it was the gals that stole the show. Overall, many of us were going to continue the series or had already read the rest. There were a few that thought the book was a little over the top. They liked the framework but didn’t connect with the characters.

My Thoughts: I really liked Sara, Miki, and Angelina. They were a great example of different personalities being friends. They gave each other a very hard time but are willing to stick with each other no matter what. I felt bad that Sara had a very important thing kept from her that was life changing. I understood why but felt she should have been given that information before she got stuck in a situation. On the romance front, I did love the chemistry between her and Zach! They set the sheets on fire. Again though it was her friends that stole the show more often than not. I loved Miki and Angelina. I can’t wait to see how Miki & The Viking work it out. Also Angelina is going to have to land a very special guy because she just rocks! Overall this was just fun!

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Story Rating
4 / 5
Character Rating
4 / 5
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12 responses to “Book Club Review: Pack Challenge by Shelly Laurenston

  1. I’ve read my way through all the Pride series now so I’ll have to branch out and give this one a shot as it sounds good.

  2. I read and enjoyed this series last year, and yes, they are over the top but so much fun, and I love the strong females. Wait until you discover the Bears! The only ones I don’t like are the lion males.

  3. I wish I had of got this one read. I will catch up with our book club reads at some point! I’m glad you and Jennifer noted the audio so I don’t go down that road.

  4. I love this series. Shelly does a great job of mixing humor and sexy. I behind on the series and plan to get caught up very soon!

    I see the series is now available on audios but I didn’t care too much for the sample of the narration so I’ll stick with reading them.

    • I did the same thing. I tested out the narration and it didn’t work for me so I read this one. They are short enough that they are easy reads though. I do have the first one in the other series on audio so I will listen to that one but then probably go back to the books.