Blogger Confession: #NationalVoterRegistrationDay Quick How TO!

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So this is SUPER Important to me! I won’t tell you how to vote but I want to make sure that you are registered to vote for upcoming mid-term elections. I will also be reminding you to vote (several times) when the elections come around.

First on a National Level USA.Gov will get you the information on any state that you are in. It will tell you how to verify your voting status and how to get registered!

For Texas go here and make sure to read where the updated voting stations are so you are prepped for Oct 22nd (early voting starts then) to Nov 6th.  They have moved some districts around and haven’t been very vocal about it. So know ahead of time!

Please vote! Also please research the candidates. Know who you are voting for. Not what their opponent says about them but what they have done with their votes in congress, votes on a local level, and in their community.

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