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Hi y’all! Welcome to my twice a month series: Narrator Spotlight. I will be doing this to shine a light on some of the voices that keep us entertained by bringing our favorite books to life.

This week the spotlight is on Tim Paige whom I have listened to multiple times. In fact the book he chose to spotlight earned a giggle snort from me and that is huge. I love books that just make me happy and this one did. He did a wonderful job on the narration but it also looks like he loved this book and the experience. So let’s let him talk about his experience with co-narrators and falling in love with the characters…

“Awk-Weird was a book that took me by surprise. Not because I didn’t already know what a brilliant writer Avery Flynn is (in fact, I narrated the previous book, “Parental Guidance” as well). But because I didn’t expect to fall so deeply in love with it or the characters contained within. I often get a chance to talk to my co-narrators a little bit about the books we’re working on together, but we aren’t often on the same schedule. In this case, Kelsey Navarro was my co-narrator (and she’s one of my all-time faves), and we were recording almost at the same time. And every day we would send each other messages talking about the stuff that we had to pause recording on because we were in hysterics. The book had so many laugh out loud funny moments, which are a key to my heart. But it also had really intimate, personal moments that I found I could relate to so much. I found pieces of myself in both Tess and Cole, and really found myself wishing I knew them in real life. Ah, the curse of a brilliant book. You want them to be real so badly… but at the end, you must say goodbye. I was sad to say goodbye. I hope you love it as much as I did!”



A Hot Hockey Romantic Comedy

By: Avery Flynn

Narrated by: Tim Paige, Kelsey Navarro

Length: 7 hrs and 49 mins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release date: 11-27-19

One night and my life completely jumped the tracks. Actually, a pack of expired condoms did that – the rest of the night was pretty amazing. Open bar at a friend’s wedding. Bad dancing all around. Stupid trivia bets with my fellow Ice Knights hockey teammates. And Tess Gardner. The factoid-blurting, fandom-T-shirt-wearing, no-I-don’t-want-a-relationship-with-you woman makes me forget for one night that I’m a man with a routine and my future all mapped out. Still, it sucked she left our room without giving me her number.

Fast-forward to when she tracks me down and tells me I’m going to be a daddy. Jaw, meet floor. Now I’ve insisted that she and our little peach pit move in with me after her apartment floods. She agrees as long as there’s no funny business, no shotgun weddings, and no more nights spent naked together. Sounds easy enough. I was prepared for the late-night runs for more pickles and peanut butter, but I wasn’t prepared for Tess. She’s like a glitter rainbow sparkling in the middle of my all-neutrals house, messing up my rigid schedule and turning my world upside down. What the hell do we do next!!!

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Thank you Tim for stopping by!

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