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Hi y’all! Welcome to my twice a month series: Narrator Spotlight. I will be doing this to shine a light on some of the voices that keep us entertained by bringing our favorite books to life.

This week the spotlight is on Emma Wilder and her narration of many series for author Rosalind James. Someone she has worked with for years and enjoys narrating for! Here is Emma’s exact words:

I’ve been narrating for Rosalind for years now, and that began when I took this series over for another narrator, who could no longer continue to do the books. It’s always slightly terrifying to take over a series, especially when the last narrator was beloved by listeners—you know that no matter what you do, some people won’t be happy with the change (change is hard!)—but I’ve now done 10 books for Rosalind, over a few different series, and it’s been such a lovely and rewarding partnership. I have two more books for her in production now: Just Say Christmas, book 13 in the Escape to New Zealand series, and Stone Cold Kiwi, book 2 in the Kiwi Rules series. At some point (hopefully sooner rather than later!), I’m going to have to actually visit New Zealand, having spent so much time there through Rosalind’s books.
Just Come Over was a special book for me. It has kids with big personalities in it, which is always fun, voice- and character-wise. Like all of Rosalind’s books, it’s got some serious heat but is also really emotional; the relationships (both romantic and familial) are nuanced and feel complicated and real. With a Rosalind James book, it’s pretty much a given that I’ll have to stop recording to both laugh and cry. Yes, the heroes in these books are big tough alpha rugby players, but in no way are they one-dimensional or cliched—there are real people and real feelings here, and that goes for the supporting characters as well (many of whom you’ll meet again in Just Say Christmas, coming soon to Audible). Finally, as always with these books, the accents are both a challenge and a treat—I have such a blast voicing these characters and these stories.


Just Come Over

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Thank you Emma for stopping by!!!

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