Mystery Review: The Lost Ones (Quinn Colson #2) by Ace Atkins

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Fresh from ten years as a U.S. Army Ranger, Quinn Colson finds his hands full as the newly elected sheriff of Tibbehah County, Mississippi. An old buddy running a local gun shop may be in over his head when stolen army rifles start showing up in the hands of a Mexican drug gang.

At the same time, an abused-child case leads Quinn and his tough-as-nails deputy, Lillie Virgil, deep into the heart of a bootleg baby racket and a trail of darkness and death. And when the two cases collide, Quinn and his allies are forced to realize that, though they may be home from the war, they are now in the fight of their lives.

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Overall Rating 4.25
Story Rating 4.50
Character Rating 4.00

First thought when finished: This book exceeded my expectations! A very good story coupled with a good mystery.

What I thought of the Case: I wasn’t sure what to expect out of The Lost Ones because I had not read the first book in the series. I am a fan of “sheriff of the town” mysteries and this was that type of story with an adrenaline kick. Ace Atkins made no qualms about who the players were in the gun running game but he threw enough twists/turns to keep you wondering how it was all going to come together in the end. The selling children for profit secondary story played well into the overall storytelling! I was pretty much on edge the entire book.

What I thought of the characters: Quinn Colson is an ex-army ranger who turned into the Sheriff of his home town. He has family issues, town people issues, and is hung up on his ex who is married and pregnant. In other words, he is flawed enough to be interesting and Ace did a good job of not making any of that the focus of the story. I was worried that his personal life would take over the story but it ended up blending in pretty well. I loved Lillie! She is tough as nails, smart as a whip, and I am very interested to see where her character goes as the series progresses. She was more interesting to me than Quinn.

My Final Thoughts: I would recommend this one to fans of books like the Craig Johnson Longmire series. I know I am going to pick up book 1 and continue the series!

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8 responses to “Mystery Review: The Lost Ones (Quinn Colson #2) by Ace Atkins

  1. Obviously, you weren’t lost reading these out of order. I would like to meet Lillie as well. I love smart and sassy females in books! Thanks also for the read along post, I have my post up tomorrow. I love Darynda Jones!

  2. An ex-Army Ranger with issues? Sounds like my kind of guy! I’m always a sucker for the ones that have issues, I’m not sure that says anything good about me though:) Lillie sounds awesome as well, gotta love a tough as nails girl!

  3. Like Longmire? Yay! I love the dour sheriff stories with a good mystery. Sounds like I’ll have to check this out.

    • I really enjoyed it! It was different than just a typical murder/mystery and built more on seeing a case play out. I think I am really beginning to like these types of mysteries because they feel “real”. Like it could really happen!