Mystery Audiobook Review: Gypped by Carol Higgins Clark (Check It Out)

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Private Investigator Regan Reilly is back in another “fun, delightful, and entertaining mystery, enhanced by quirky endearing characters” ( PI Regan Reilly and her husband Jack, head of the NYPD Major Case Squad, are in Los Angeles where Jack is attending a business conference. After the meeting they plan to vacation in California so Regan can show Jack her old haunts and introduce him to friends who didn’t make it to their wedding.

One friend Regan gets in touch with is in distress. A health nut, recently turned vegan, and a “health coach” to boot, Zelda suspects she is being gypped by her business manager who had her invest in a new line of vitamins. Regan and Jack look into Zelda’s business deals. What they uncover is a scam extending up and down the coast of California, involving people whose only concern is the health of their pocketbooks!

Carol Higgins Clark’s fans are sure to enjoy another “fast-paced mystery with unexpected plot twists and Clark’s trademark humor” (The Daily Beast).

Received for Review
Overall Rating: 3.50
Story Rating: 3.25
Character Rating: 3.75
Audio Rating: 4.00 (Not part of the overall rating)

First thought when finished: This was a perfect summer afternoon mystery–not to complicated but very fun!

What I Loved: Characters! Seriously, I just about loved every character in Gypped. I am not saying who was my favorite or who was just seriously bad but they all packed quite a wallop. I will say that a “certain someone” at the end with his “I don’t want to read it” cracked me up! I loved the letter that he received and I thought it was a perfect ending to this story. I would hang out with everyone in this story–well except for the bad guys 🙂

What I Liked: The mystery was not overly complicated but it was fun. Regan did a fantastic job of sifting through the information, getting a little in over her head, and most of all reconnecting with her friend Zelda (whom I loved)! I just thought it was downright fun.

Audio Review: Took me a bit to warm up to Michele Pawk but in the end she was perfect for Regan Reilly. I would listen to her again!

Final Thought when finished: I think fans of Carol Higgins Clark will love this entry into the series.

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14 responses to “Mystery Audiobook Review: Gypped by Carol Higgins Clark (Check It Out)

  1. Dang, why didn't I snag this one when I had the chance?? *kicks self* I wanna know what cracked you up!

    P.S. I repinned those S'more Cups on your sidebar and now I'm determined to make them!!

    • Those looked super delish! Plus I am a big fan of Smores! (I blame Girl Scouts)

      So the guy who got the letter got something big in it and he flipped. He was a total over the top diva and it was fun to watch him flip out a bit. I was giggling!

    • I wasn't familiar before this book. I was reading the reviews of the other books in the series and they say the first ones were really fun. I think I am going to pick up books 1 and 2 and give them a whirl!

  2. All these fun summer reads you keep posting are making me more eager for summer. I love light quick reads, this sounds like fun 🙂