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TV Review

This year I am balancing my life out a bit by including more TV, Movies, Gaming, and not just books. These will be the reviews of some of the things I am watching (TV or Movies). I don’t have cable so all of these will come either through Netflix, Amazon Prime, Movie Theater, or Roku channels.



Confession: I watched Bosch Season 1 the weekend it came out. I did the same with Season 2! Let me tell you: If you like gritty cop dramas done right then you will love this show. I have read some of the books in the series by Micheal Connelly. I really enjoy and recommend them. However, this is one of the few times that I am going to say that TV Show actually adds to the stories. Most of the time I go into “Book to TV/Movie” adaptations with tempered expectations. In other words, I just hope they at least get one or two important things in the show. With Bosch, they just cast the sucker so darn well that the stories spring to life. Plus, I think these kind of adaptations (aka series TV) have a lot more room to get it right!

So let’s talk about what I loved about Season 2 (NO SPOILERS)

  • Lance Reddick: I am total fan of his but this season he got to shine! Kind of like in Season 1 of The Wire or Season 3 (I think) of OZ. You give this man a juicy story that has a lot of layers and he just pulls it off. He has a way of bringing his characters emotions to the surface without over doing it. Most of his characters are very stoic because of their positions. He adds layers through his facial expressions and actions without having to say a word. This season he had to deal with some very personal sh*t and it was fantastic!
  • Titus Welliver: I don’t think they could have cast a better person to play Bosch. He brings all the character quirks and issues to life. His portrayal is not over the top and just spot on. What you should know if you are a fan of the books is that for obvious reasons–Bosch is a bit younger, not quite as suit/tie, and the stash is not there. All the important character actions are though and I am mostly talking about his approach on life. For Season 2, I really liked how he balanced out the character. He was able to bring out the range that was needed for this particular story. Oh that end just about killed me. You just have to watch to see what I am talking about!
  • The Writing: As much as I like the books the seasons are based on (loosely). The writing for the show is fantastic. They have managed to tell the stories that we love and trim the stories to the actors so that they can shine. This season the writers hit on all cylinders. I often say the best parts are those things that screenwriters put in so that things can be told without words. There were a few quiet moments this season that were absolutely profound. That is in no small part due to the writing the preceded those moments. Really well done!
  • The Cast: While I talked about Lance/Titus individually, in no way would their performances have been as good without the surrounding cast.  The moments between Lance and Erika (who plays his wife) were flat-out amazing! Titus would not have shined without Jamie or Amy. However, let’s talk about the bad guys. I won’t name particular players since it might would be spoilerish BUT this season they added a lot to the established relationships. While the core cast is the rock, they were the waves that made that rock move and change!
  • The Music: This season the soundtrack was even more a part of the play. I seriously want someone to put together a soundtrack so I can have it. Get on that people!


I recommend Bosch! You can read Trunk Music and The Drop but the great thing about this series is that it “loosely” follows story lines so that you are still guessing where the story goes. Now go forth and WATCH!


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7 responses to “Movie/TV Review: Bosch Season 2 (Amazon Prime)

  1. I’ve not tried this series. I’ll have to look into it. I’ve been big on cop shows lately. I’ve been binge watching Criminal Minds on Netflix. I only have two seasons left. I’ll need something next.

  2. FELICIA!!! WHY DO I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS SHOW?!!! Is it on Netflix? My husband and I just got Netflix and now we’re addicted, and cop dramas are always among our favorites!!! Thanks for the recommendation:)