Month of Thanks #17: 12.21: Heather McCollum and Book Goonie

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Month of Thanks

Hi Y’all! It is November and that is always the month I am reminded that there are tons of things that I am thankful for in my life. This year November will be known as the Month of Thanks. I am going to do 30 days of Thanks here on Geeky Bloggers Book Blog! Each day I will highlight one author (and the book they wrote that moved me) and one blogger (and their awesomeness) that I am thankful for! These are not in any particular order and by no means is 30 going to cover everyone that I love.

Month of Thanks

I am thankful to Heather McCollum and her book Captured Heart.  I don’t know if I was just in the mood for a really good historical romance or if it was the slight paranormal tinge that stole my heart BUT I loved this book.  I literally read it  in one night (staying up way past my bedtime) and cried pretty much the whole last part when they were professing their love!  (I guess that should have been a spoiler alert but since it is a romance I don’t think I am giving away anything).  I can’t wait to see where this series goes from here!

Month of Thanks

Fleeing with only her bow, horse, enormous pet wolf, and the cryptic clues hidden in her mother’s medicine journal, healer Meg Boswell gallops north towards freedom, running from the man who falsely accused her mother of witchcraft. Cursed with magical healing abilities, Meg knows that if she’s captured, she will die like her mother—atop a blazing witch’s pyre.

Winter winds rip across the Highlands, pressing Chief Caden Macbain forward in his desperate plan to save his clan. He’s not above using an innocent woman to bargain for peace if it keeps his clan from starving. But Meg isn’t who Caden thinks she is, and when she kills a man to save the clan, he must choose between duty and her life. For although he captured her to force a peace, Meg’s strength and courage have captured Caden’s heart.


Month of Thanks

I am thankful for Amy the Book Goonie!  Words can not express how much I love Amy.  She is fierce, awesome, and kind.  She makes me laugh and being a fellow Texan sometimes she just gets me without me having to say it.  I am going to go on record and say that my goal for 2013 is to see her more often because she really doesn’t live that far from me.  She has the greatest VLogs and is always willing to lend a hand!  I will just say it: she rocks the casbah!

The Book Goonie

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10 Responses to “Month of Thanks #17: 12.21: Heather McCollum and Book Goonie”

  1. Amy

    you are way too kind. I’m sorry I’ve been a bad blogging buddy lately. I can’t wait to get caught up.

    I’m kind of enjoying the slightly paranormal in some of my historical books. Can’t wait to check her out & the hunk on the cover.