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I have always loved my library. When I was little my parents took me to the library and it was better than going to a fair. When I started school I started borrowing books from the school library. The books there weren’t as good, but I did not care. I would read them all! The days the book mobile came by we all got a bit crazy. It was important to get there first so you could borrow the books everyone wanted. And that was not the only day I went to the book mobile. I went to a stop near us too, and I still remember the day I somehow managed to take home 30 books. I still have no idea how I did it, but I did. My childhood was filled with books and fond memories.

But it did not stop there now did it. Of course not. I grew older, and I still loved my library. I had long ago moved on over to the adult section while friends still browsed the children’s section. I loved the kind of forbidden feeling. This was also when I discovered fantasy and true love was born. And during those first 16 years I visited my own library, and the book mobile. I knew the places like home.

Little did I know that my beloved library was actually tiny! I mean in the whole municipality there is like 20 000 people. Next to us is a bigger city, which means a bigger library. And I would conquer that library too!

I do love my first library but when I finally visited the bigger one I never looked back. A bigger English section (I had started reading English books by this), books in my own language and I had to read them at once. And even a YA section, in English! Yes the other library had like 10 books, but they got better. So many books, so little time. There are still so many books I want to read from there.

At the time that library was located in a mall, as the old library was too small, and they were building a newer one. I still hate the windows, but who cares, yay books! And the best thing, they are So good at listening. They make it easy too, I just fill out a form online about books I want and 90% of the time they get those books. I also love their homepage, well it was actually better before. Then I saw every new book that came in each month, now it’s trickier. But I still love everything else.

And of course this library has a book mobile too. I do not use it to borrow books like before, I mostly use it to drop off books. As we live fairly close to the city limit and it’s the last stop it makes there. So I run through the woods, so that I do not have to go into town (and borrow more books πŸ˜‰

I love my libraries because they listen and such nice people work there. I have worked at both too, and a 2 of the smaller ones in town.

Oh and I shall not even begin to tell you about the library in the town where I studied for a year. Omg, omg omg, a MUCH bigger town, a MUCH bigger library. The English section still has me drooling. Ok I need to try to forget that library…but it was so, sigh.

Anyway. Without libraries I would not have read as much. When I was really little we did belong to this bookclub where you got a book each month or something. It was a treat. But to just go and buy books like that, it never happened. The library was where I could get as many books I wanted, fiction, non.fiction, anything. The library was always there, and I hope it always will be. Already one village here lost their library. They now have to go to another village or the main one. I do fear that day when all the smaller ones are gone and just the main one is left standing. Not that I was close to the library, no, but I still had to go the book mobile. But to be able to just walk and get books is something everyone should have able to do. Of course now you can borrow ebooks too, but it’s not really the same when it comes to children’s books, and they have a 1 book a week policy. And a tiny selection. Just not the same here.

Now what was my point…I love libraries! And this was my post. Thank you πŸ™‚

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21 responses to “#LoveMyLibraryCard Guest Post: My Library by Blodeuedd

  1. Great post!! I’ve been a library fan since I was little too. I actually got in trouble in 4th grade because I went to the school library during lunch and lost track of time reading a book I found and skipped two classes! whoops. I think the teachers were perplexed when they finally found me, because what do you do when a kid skips class caught up in reading? I’ve never seen book mobile’s though, that sounds really cool. I hope the smaller libraries don’t all get shut down, that would be such a shame πŸ™

  2. bookworm

    Book mobiles!? cool! I love the library too. How nice that you got to work there. During finals week I take my schoolwork and study for a few hours at my local library…it’s just such a nice place to find some quiet time.

    • Yup, cos there are a lot of small and big villages around. Some are lucky to have a tiny library. Most do not, so we got the bookmobile that goes to everyone as it’s a big place

  3. Finding bigger libraries IS great. I grew up in a town of 3000 and our library was small but met my needs. Then I moved to a town 10X bigger and oh my goodness the library was SO much bigger. πŸ™‚ I love both libraries but I fear the small one is on the verge of closing. I think they are only open two days a week now. πŸ™

  4. I’m jealous, very jealous! I love libraries, I used to go all the time when I was living in Colombia and USA… but sadly, over here there are not… if they are… they are very hidden because in the 9 years I’ve been living here I haven’t find a public library yet.

  5. I used to go to our local library as a kid all the time but as an adult I only go to donate. I’m not sure why. Probably because I already have too many books and there’s a time limit to read there. I do keep meaning to check out the e-book selection though.

    I think that would work better for me.

    • I have only been beside the driver while she drove (as I worked at a library for 6 months). It was very different from working inside the library. Though i would NOT want to drive during the winter

  6. Libraries are wonderful. I love how it inspired Blod at an early age and her love of reading has grown and grown. When I was pregnant with my daughter, Risa who turns six tomorrow, I had three wishes for her that she would be happy and healthy, love books and reading and love animals, so far she is and does!