#LoveMyLibraryCard Celebration: September is #LibraryCardSignUp Month!

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Did y’all know that September is Library Card Sign-Up Month? If you have been hanging around here for awhile I know you do. So my challenge to you is to spread the word wide and loud that it is time for people to get on board the Library Train!

Libraries have gotten a lot of flack this year. I have heard everything from they are no longer relevant to publishers withholding new releases because they impact sales. So I wanted to put my two cents in on why I think all of that is hogwash!

Libraries have been a huge part of my life since I was born. I have a crazy awesome family but we were not well off. We went through periods of assistance and other times where getting new things was just not a luxury we could afford. For parents raising an avid reader, this meant we were all over the library system. I made weekly (sometimes 2, 3, 4x a week) jaunts to pick up new books.  Even as we got to where we could afford more things, I read entirely to fast for it to be practical to buy all the new books I wanted. The library was my place. It still is my place.

In my 20s, I was broke as a joke.  I think most people are when first becoming adults. Libraries helped me with job searches, internet (when I couldn’t afford it at home), and community. I was able to go there to find out how to fix things (so I could save on a professional) and escape into a fictional world when things were tough in the real one. In my 30s and 40s, I have used the library to try new authors and narrators. Then as I found those I loved, I went on to buy their titles. Feeling comfortable in my purchasing decision because the library let me find them.  I have learned to knit and have attempted to quilt. I have used the library for events and meeting new people. I volunteered at ALA TX this year because I felt it was a great way to support the staffs that I love. Finally, as the job market has changed and I have gone through lay-offs the library kept my head above water and helped me plan my next move.

The truth is, I don’t ever see libraries being irrelevant.  They offer so many services and provide a much needed place to go when other resources are not available.  They offer a way to preserve your dignity while job searching and bettering yourself. They offer ways to get help with everything from taxes to schoolwork. They offer readers a way to continue reading and not causing a budget crises.

In the end, libraries need our help and our voice to make sure that they continue to exist! So share your love of libraries very loudly this month. Let’s make them feel our love and support!!!!


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4 responses to “#LoveMyLibraryCard Celebration: September is #LibraryCardSignUp Month!

  1. I’ve always taken advantage of my local library systems (Los Angeles and Burbank). Anytime I see a reader post online that they want a book that isn’t in their book buying budget for the month. I always post a comment asking if that person has tried checking out their local library. I advocate for the library in conversations with co-workers as well. This is a bit morbid, but my will has a large (for me) donation amount set aside for both my current library systems. And, I’ve made periodic donations in the past as well. Like you Felicia, I try out new authors and audiobook narrators via the library, and then I go on to collect my favorite reads when they go on sale or authors I discovered via the library have gone on to become auto-buys for me.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! I use the library a bit less now than I used to, simply because I have access to so many books in my own personal library and *ahem* friend’s libraries. But I find that when I’m looking for books for school – typically about teaching practices – the library is a great resource and saves me a lot of money. And as a kid, the libraries were crucial for me in the same way as they were for you. I will never see them as irrelevant and they will always be worthy of our support IMO.