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One of my favorite libraries in the state of Texas is in Houston and I have never set foot in it. Did you know if you are a TX Resident that you can get a Houston Public Library card and use their online resources?  If not let me tell you what that includes and how to get your very own Houston Library card!

They have a fully stocked OverDrive Catalogue that makes me weep in joy!

Seriously their catalogue is so full that my on hold list is never empty and my wish list overfloweth. Pretty much ALL THE BOOKS you could want. Plus, I am not sure who their Romance Dept head is but they are on their game. The number of awesome pre-orders are to die for.  I have even requested a few and had them filled almost immediately.  Here is just a snapshot of what is on their new shelves (sorted by Recent). They also have some Videos but I have never used them through OverDrive.New Audiobooks New Ebooks

Then they also have One Click Digital and Hoopla!

While I find that One Click Digital doesn’t have as good a collection as OverDrive–I do find that it fills in some of the series that I love. Also the wait times over in that app don’t tend to be as long! Hoopla is excellent for Audiobooks and Movies. I have borrowed many of both from there.

Movies Hoopla

Interested in Music and Comics—they have you covered there too!  Freegal Music and Comics Plus are awesome resources for us library card holders.

Pretty much I use this to get rid of my earworms!  I also use the Comics Plus when someone says there is a Comic I need to read. I have found they are great to flip through and fill in stories that I know.

Free Music



Probably one of my favorite things is the online learning courses available through Gale, Adult Learning Center, and Lynda.

There are tons of classes available from foreign languages to graphic design. The writing courses I have taken have been through there and it has been helpful in my career.  I have learned about the technologies that interact with the one I support so that I can do my job better. All around a win when you consider they are FREE!

Gale Adult Learning Center Lynda

How do you get a Library Card?

You have several options available if you are a TX Resident:

  1. Register by Mail – You will need to fill in the online application and send in a copy of your driver’s license
  2. Register in Person – Bring your driver’s license or ID


Have fun and Thank You Houston for the wonderful job that you do 🙂


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8 responses to “#LoveMyLibraryCard All Texans NEED a Houston Library Card #Library @HoustonLibrary

  1. I’ve heard about the Houston cars before from you, but for some reason I thought you had to go to Houston to get it! So yeah, I’m thrilled right now. I think I’ll be adding to my collection of library cards this weekend 🙂

  2. You should definitely spotlight the librarians if you can. That is so awesome! TN, or at least my county, doesn’t have as much books and most of our series are broken :/

  3. SO JELLY! I wish my library had those learning websites for free. 🙁 Can I pretend to be a TX resident? 🙂 I looked around and couldn’t tell if they did CO in general, but then if my local library had access to it they would advertise it. They dropped OverDrive and went to 3M so we will see if it works out better. So far it has been easy to get audios from it.

  4. I’m a native Houstonian and I used HPL to the fullest when I lived there. I wasn’t into e-books then though, so it was all language courses via cassette or CD and romance paperbacks and hardcover editions. It’s funny how after I moved from Houston in the fall of 2011, everything seem to be happening there for book events and HPL’s digital collection exploded. I didn’t go digital until 2014, and that was all thanks to my obsession with following author Jennifer L. Armentrout. Now I balance my one-clicking (limited to GC purchases 99% of the time) with library loans from Los Angeles Public Library’s great e-media collection and Burbank Public Library more limited one.

  5. It is so wonderful everything the library has to offer. The Blu Ray and DVD collection in mine is outstanding. Our library is pretty up to date here and every time I go they have all kinds of goodies. I even checked out the BLu Ray of the latest Star Wars. Who needs a video store?