Let’s Talk: June is Audiobook Month, Reading vs Listening–embrace it all!

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I haven’t done one of these discussion posts in a long time. There are several reasons for this but the main one is that I just can’t keep up. I mean just in the last month we have been hit with Trademark discussions, Unverified Review Discussions, and several other things.Β  On two of these I will be quick in my thoughts:

  • Trademark –just because you can do something, might get it through on the down low, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. I care about this one because I think it has far-reaching consequences BUT I am watching to see how it plays out.
  • Unverified review discussion–I have an unpopular opinion in that I think people have been abusing that particular thing for a while. So while it looks like Amazon backtracked, I am not so sure they should have. I do believe there are honest reviewers out there. However, with the pressure to post 4/5 star reviews and the pressure on authors/pubs to get loads of them, I feel that system is being more and more abused. I don’t post reviews on Amazon anymore nor do I look at them so it wasn’t worth my breath to get in a Twitter debate over it. So I just stayed out of it.

NOW let’s get to things that I really DO want to talk about:

1: June is Audiobook Month! Y’all this is the time to recognize your favorite narrators and their works. I don’t care how you do it: Instagram, FB, Twitter, Blog, YouTube, Tumblr.Β  Just take some time to give shout outs to your favorites and thank them for their good work this year. I am going to be doing a double thing: Here on the blog (weekdays) I will be spotlighting a narrator, their works, and how you can connect with them. On Instagram (Twitter and FB) I will be highlighting my favorite listens from the last year and the ones I am looking forward too!Β  Things I try to do: tag the narrator, publishing house, and author on ones specific to books because the author needs to know they did good getting it into audio. Also since this is always a discussion (and the dang things change), as far as I know #LoveAudiobooks #JIAM are the most commonly used hashtags. If that changes I will update.

2: Reading vs Listening <—WHY IS THIS A DEBATE? Seriously! I get some people can be pretty snobbish about how they read. I remember all the paper vs e-book debate that popped up years ago when ereaders were coming out. However, for the reading vs listening debate –the truth is I don’t think authors care (as long as it is legally) how you devour their stories. You want to listen–go for it! You want to read–go for it! You want to do both (which I do regularly) then have at it. Please do not shame people for listening to audiobooks because the truth is having another way to get a story, means that story is enjoyed by a whole new audience. I know for me, I get to devour many more stories during the year because I can listen while doing other things. I can’t read while doing those things. So before you discount Audiobooks as not reading, just remember you are trying to discount how people get your favorite author’s stories. NOT COOL AT ALL! Also, just to add–I always want to ask when people say it doesn’t count—Are you sure you read every single word of the book that you are currently reading? Why, because when you listen you do not skip words. I have listened to books I have read going wait–what the what—how did I miss that? Usually small things but it can add to the story.

Just keep that in mind!

So how are you celebrating June is Audiobook Month? I can’t wait to see all the posts!

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16 responses to “Let’s Talk: June is Audiobook Month, Reading vs Listening–embrace it all!

  1. curlupwithromance

    I’m trying to get more into Audio. So far I’ve listened to Seven books on audio. I like this method but I feel like I don’t retain as much of the story, not like reading it.

  2. I love/live audiobooks. I always give you credit for that. If it wasn’t for audiobooks I wouldn’t get much read. I can be a fast reader if I let everything else go in my life, but that really hasn’t worked out for me in about a decade! How is it not reading?

    All this other stuff hurts my head. All the angry talk on social media makes me sad.

    I’ve really been back on the read for the love of reading mode. If I want to review a book , I review it.

    Looking forward to discovering what you have planned for audiobook month.

  3. Good topics!
    I’ve never been “snobby” about audio vs reading. I am just so picky and I have to really like the narrator to get into audio, please I have a short attention span. I am trying to listen to one book a month especially now that I have a long commute to work.

  4. 1. Yay for Audiobook month! Showing Audiobook Narrators Love during Audiobook Month:
    I love the idea of this, but I know I won’t be able to act on it. Thank goodness readers/bloggers like you are committed to doing so. I kind of think praise from bloggers carries more weight with the authors, narrators and publishing companies than if a regular reader does so. Personally, I can barely follow my favorite authors on the various social media platfroms, so I have to admit to not doing so with audiobook narrators. I kind of feel like the less I know about them personally, the easier it is for me to accept their acting choices vocally. I’m not opposed to catching the random interview featured on or included in an audiobook blog or audiobook discussion group though. I just don’t go out of my way to learn more about narrators for fear it might influence me negatively. But I think it’s cool to see the enthusiasm of other listeners who do follow narrators that closely.

    2. I love reading period. Audiobooks allow me to read when my eyes are too tired (my usual state of being courtesy of chronic insomnia) and my attention span too short to eyeball read. Plus, I’m addicted to multi-tasking and feel like I’m squeezing more out of life by doing other non-brain strain things while I enjoy an audiobook read. I will never understand the snobbery that exists about how or what one reads. No one should put down someone for the type of literature or the form of lit they choose to enjoy.

    I try to avoid book world drama as much as possible and only see it when several blogs or discussion groups bring it up so it floods my news feed on Facebook. I don’t understand how the Trademark office decided to approve this Cocky author’s request to trademark that word. A word, really? I hope RWA or some other creative agency representing artists of some kind can get this overturned. I bought the CockTales anthology and gifted it to a book buddy so we could someday buddy read it in support of this issue. I really hope it helps overturn the Cocky trademark that author was granted. The long reach ramifications are important.

    4. Unverified reviews:
    I’m a bit weird in that I don’t read other people’s reviews in order to pick my next read. I only look at reviews for a new book to read if I’m on the fence about reading an author whose work is new to me or if the premise of the novel is one that I’m iffy on liking. So, I don’t put a lot of energy into reading reviews or issues surrounding posting them on Amazon. I know several readers who only star rate a novel or don’t rate them at all, so I feel like retailers that want users / readers to post a review shouldn’t be discouraging them. Let the shopper decide which reviews are helpful or superfluous in nature. Amazon can see which books are bought by the reviewer and marks the review “Verified Purchase.” All good. But I think there’s value in GoodReads and B&N not putting that restriction on reviews on their websites.

    I also have a hard time writing reviews myself but am committed to doing them to help the authors get visibility or buzz. But ultimately, I do a written review to help me remember what I liked about the novel. I try to cross post my GoodReads review over to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Audible whenever appropriate. Overall, I prefer GoodReads and their commitment to NOT censoring reviews and allowing reviewers to include links and GIFS. To me, GoodReads allows reviewers to have fun while reading or have fun in the review about their reading experience. I love that about the GoodReads website and hope their ownership by Amazon never changes that.

    Okay, I’m up way past a reasonable bedtime. Happy June is Audiobook Month!

    • You were up late!!!!! Hopefully you got some sleep.

      I don’t know if this is true anymore: I kind of think praise from bloggers carries more weight with the authors, narrators and publishing companies than if a regular reader does so. < ---I know as a reader I pay more attention to other readers (including bloggers) but my goodreads is full of friends that are just flat out readers. I like that cause they tend be very blunt about what they like/don't like. πŸ™‚ I don't know what the business thinks but I feel JIAM is more for the listener or at least I feel that way! I don't disagree on reviews in general it is why I didn't wade in on Twitter. I feel that way across the board on Amazon (all sorts of products) I just don't trust the reviews. I always look for verified purchase ones on products but I can say my stepmom (and a lot of general users I know) don't even know where to look for that. These are the kind of people "flood reviews" (a lot of positive unverified reviews) really impact. I don't know if that is why Amazon did it. They rolled back so it doesn't matter anymore. Writing Reviews is hard. Most of mine on Goodreads basically say Review coming soon. Part of it not knowing what to say and the other part is getting in a reading groove, not wanting to break that.

      • When I tried to sleep I had a nightmare I was suffocating to death. I finally nodded off for about an hour before giving in to my hunger pains and making breakfast. My workday is going to feel longer than long, but I’m grateful to have a job to go to even if I have to struggle through it on almost no sleep πŸ˜›

        I have so many “full review to come” because like you I got into a reading groove and didn’t want to stop and take the HOURS it always takes me even for a short freestyle review or guided review on Audible. I think Amazon requires a word minimum which puts more pressure on us amateur reviews to write longer reviews even though the authors say a short one is fine. Their reassurance only seems to count for non-Amazon websites that allow reviews.

  5. I do not get the whole read-listen thing! Though to be honest, when you listen you do not read a book you listen to it. But you still do the same freaking thing just another way. SO yeah, same!

    It’s like saying why bother attending school, I mean you only listen anyway πŸ˜‰

    Yay audio book month, since I am now a MASTER, hahahahah

    Oh and yes people do abuse amazon, still shitty of them to cut us out, I can no longer review there. I never read reviews there, but still I would like to post for some reviews of books that do not get much love.
    When I followed this on twitter authors were said cos they love amazon and said GR sucks. While I do not like amazon and like GR cos there I can better spot the fake ones

    • You are the Master!!!!!! ? I am so very proud!

      I love Goodreads but I think that is more for readers than Authors. At least that is how I feel which is probably why I pay attention to them more than Amazon.

  6. A lot to process. I quit posting reviews on Amazon a long time go. I felt that there were too many trolls and a lot of negativity that I didn’t need. I totally agree about audiobooks. Who cares how I read my book whether I listen or read it, I am utilizing my brain instead of watching tv. Plus, I can multitask and do lots of other things while I listen.

    • The trolls are what made me quit. 2 different street teams came after me after two reviews (one a 2, the other 3) and I was like I am DONE! I haven’t ran into that kind of thing in Goodreads, even after I took a stand on the KMM thing. πŸ™‚

      • What’s the KMM thing? I have only ever had 1 person write back on Amazon that they disagreed with me on a writer’s style. I think I responded back something like “different strokes for different folks” and left it at that. I’m always surprised when authors tell their reader groups to go vote up a couple of reviews because they received a rash of negative votes. I honestly don’t understand how these “street team” readers/reviews find the time to do stuff like that. I was asked to join a street team once and declined it immediately. There is no guarantee I will always love something the same author wrote or that I’ll be intrigued by each book’s premise. That’s also why I stopped entering eARC giveaways and now only VIP eARC read for one author only. I couldn’t take the pressure of doing more especially considering how slowly I read e-books.

  7. I don’t listen to audio books but I do not understand how that is not reading a book. It baffles me that people keep saying that.

    And regarding the verified reviews – I guess I don’t know how this became a discussion about demanding 4-5 star reviews. I understand the verified part but did they enact the policy because of those demands??? I didn’t understand how those two were connected.

    I’m the same as you – I don’t review on there (except for vine when they give me a product) nor do I read their reviews for books. I haven’t’ trusted them for years.

    • OH the demanding 4/5 stars is separate. I know the reason (or one of) I quit blog tours and taking a lot of ARCS is because they would ask if I was posting anything less than a 4 if I could hold off posting it. I think (not sure) the reason Amazon locked down on unverified reviews (which by the way was across the board not just books) was to cut down on “flood reviews” (High Ratings from unverified purchases). I am not surprised they backed down but as I said, I knew I had an unpopular opinion πŸ™‚ I know personally I don’t trust reviews on Amazon anymore cause there are so many unverified high ratings and I have to dig to get to the verified reviews. That being said, Amazon could just do an average rating of verified reviews and an overall rating–that would have worked more πŸ™‚

      • I used to eARC read for an author who would email us and tell us not to post our reviews the first week of release if it was under 4 stars. That shocked me, but I understand now authors think readers put more stock into higher stars the first week of release.