Blogger Confession: January has been the month of uncommon reading choices (and why I am not giving up PNR)

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I love PNR/UF books and always have.  When I was young I read a ton of historical romances but anytime I could find one with time travel, vampires, werewolves, or other supernaturals I would devour it immediately.  This was long before they were the norm and you had to dig to find them.

Flash forward to today: PNR/UF is finally getting the surge it deserves.  It even has its own section in most bookstores.  You can’t go anywhere without spotting one and you can even pick a favorite supernatural creature without running out of options of what to read.  I actually think this is a very good thing for a market that was largely untapped for a very long time.

That being said about November last year after pretty much only reading PNR/UF for two years, the stories started running together.  I noticed it when I was talking about one series and had to think really hard on whether the sub-characters I loved were from there or another series.  At that point, I took a step back and said “girl you need to broaden your reading horizons” so I decided to include more books from the genres that I love but mostly ignored the last two years.  I don’t want to lose my love of PNR/UF so before I get burn out I decided to do something about it!

January has been full of uncommon reading choices for me and yet not really.  Remember me mentioning reading a lot of Historicals growing up?  I love them!  I am also finding that I like Contemporary Romance if it is funny and irreverent. Who knew Romantic Suspense could be so yummy?  I have found books in all these genres that have made me fall in love with romance all over again and renewed my love of reading!  There have also been mysteries and thrillers of the non romantic kind that I have devoured this month.  I have always loved these books but wasn’t making time for them. I can’t forget my love of Non-Fiction, it has always been on my favorite genres to read.  You know truth is often stranger than fiction and self-help books often make me smile (even if I am just finding them entertaining).

What have I learned?  PNR is still my favorite genre hands down but I appreciate it more when it is part of a mix instead of the focus.  I am sure that I will still mostly read PNR/UF but since I have expanded my reading list I am not going back.  So just be aware that occasionally I will post a review for a book that will make you go “huh, how did she hear of that”, feel free to skip it!

What do you do to make your favorite genre reads not get stale?

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6 responses to “Blogger Confession: January has been the month of uncommon reading choices (and why I am not giving up PNR)

  1. Tara SG (25 Hour Boo

    I've been having that same "what that's not from that book" mix-up moments. This is prompting me to read one book out of my norm a month. I already attempt to alternate YA and adult books so that I'm not comparing the last book I read to my current one as much.

  2. JenM

    I always try to alternate. I'll read a UF, then a contemp romance, then another UF, then a historical romance, then I'll throw in a non-fiction book just to mix it up. That way I never get bored.

  3. A Journey in Reading

    And now you know why I read so many different genres….also why I love contemporary fiction… its always different. Historical fiction is probably still my favorite, but I switch up between HF, contemporary, UF, mysteries, thrillers etc…. I am always reading something different. I enjoy reading too much to read only one genres.Great post!Kat @ A Journey In Reading

  4. Amused

    Great post! My favorite comfort type genre is definitely chick-lit and for me, I try not to read it non-stop but at least 1 book a month but usually more. To try to not have it go stale I am always trying new authors and that really helps!

  5. Natalie (Mindful Mus

    I actually didn't read much of PNR or UF until four or five years ago, but they definitely became some of my favorite genres then! I know what you mean about burnout though. I've been feeling the same way with those genres lately, ESPECIALLY in the YA category. Like you said, after awhile, everything starts to run together. Personally, I think I'm going to focus on reading some more dystopian, high fantasy, historical fiction, and contemporary for awhile so I can actually enjoy them!

  6. ~Jennifer~

    I've always been a big UF fan, but I have the same problem where everything starts getting jumbled in my memory if I gorge on them. I do the same as you're doing now. I read some UF, but also make a point to read some mystery, some chick lit, some dystopia in between reading the UF. Luckily, I'm pretty eclectic in my tastes, but if I don't pay attention I easily start focusing on one genre only and it becomes super confusing.