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#instareview The Stash Plan by Laura Prepon/Elizabeth TroySource: Physical Book Purchase

Format: Hardcover

The Stash Plan: 21 Days to a Stronger, Healthier, Fat-Burning New You by Laura Prepon, Elizabeth Troy

Date Read: March 1st 2016

Genre: Cookbook

From Laura Prepon, star of Orange Is the New Black, and integrative nutritionist Elizabeth Troy comes an exciting 21-day plan combining the latest in food science with ancient dietary wisdom, to shed stubborn weight for good and achieve overall wellness.

Despite her glowing on-screen presence as the star of That 70's Show and Orange Is the New Black, Laura Prepon has always struggled with weight issues, digestive issues, bloating, and low energy. After years of starving herself with crazy diets and punishing herself with tortuous workouts, Prepon met integrative nutritionist Elizabeth Troy, who combines Eastern holistic medicine and food science in her practice. Troy "unstuck" Prepon's malfunctioning organs and metabolism through targeted eating and stretching that finally allowed her to lose those stubborn pounds and thrive.

Wanting to share this life-changing success, Prepon joined with Troy to create The Stash Plan, a 21-day plan and lifestyle guide that combines modern nutritional science with Chinese Meridian Theory (CMT) to detoxify the body and burn fat. In The Stash Plan, you'll learn what to cook and how to create a combinable "stash" of meals - proteins, carbs, and vegetables - and nutritional bone broths to eat throughout the week. With twice-weekly cooking sessions as the basis of the plan, Prepon and Troy will show you how to make healthy, budget-friendly meals that are easy and ideal for a busy, on-the-go lifestyle. The Stash Plan gives you the key to heal yourself from the inside out and start living the life you've always wanted.

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Publisher: Touchstone

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Overall Rating: 3.50

InstaThoughts:  I picked this up because I love meal planning and wanted some healthy food prep I could do. I don’t have a gall bladder so part of the book was lost on me. That being said I really liked the look of the recipes and that they walked people through the prep. The menu that they have for each week is detailed with what to pick up and how to cook it. That was brilliantly done! I also loved the broth recipes (beef broth rocks-it is the only one that I have made). Will I do a stash plan week? Maybe but I need to plan around my dislike of beets and turkey. Overall pretty good recipes and stretches!

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3 responses to “#instareview The Stash Plan by Laura Prepon/Elizabeth Troy

  1. I got kinda excited when I saw this so I’m disappointed you didn’t like it more. I like meal planning as well but beets and turkey aren’t my favs for sure! 😉 I might see if my library has this one though, just so I can check it out.

    • It has some great recipes and the plan was amazing. My problem was there was no answer if you have had your gall bladder removed (because it based it on liver and gb working together). Also yes–they had lots of beets and turkey involved and I am just not a fan of them).