I *heart* Romance! (Why I am going to RomCon)

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I have always loved romance novels.  Historical and Paranormal are my favorites but I have also read Chick-Lit and Contemporary novels too.  I remember reading every single romance novel I could get my hands on as a teenager.  It was such a great escape and it let me travel to places that I never thought I would see.  The men were fantastic, the women were strong, and the evil villain always got it in the end.  It is and was a formula that I adore.  I want my hero and heroin to live Happily Ever After!  What can I say?  I want to believe it can happen!

How could you resist the men on the covers?  I know some people think they are cheesy but I am just not one of those people.  I honestly miss the covers with the really cute guys on them.  Too many are going with the girl on front and while I understand, it still makes me wish for the older days (and yes I am old enough to say that LOL).

So this weekend I will be celebrating the first genre that made me fall in love with reading.  I will enjoy every minute of it and will be a little sad when it is done!

What genre made you fall in love with reading?

(Can someone get me to Scotland or Ireland stat?)
PS: Things are going to be quiet around here starting tomorrow.  I should be back online next Tuesday. I just wanted to give you a heads up!
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