Blogger Confession: How I Track Amazon Free Reads: A little trick I use..

Posted February 13, 2012 by Felicia S in Blogger Confession / 29 Comments


I am pretty diligent about watching Amazon for free reads!  I like these books because they often introduce me to new authors I would otherwise not read.  However going out to the site daily can be a wee bit of a pain!  Little secret is I don’t hardly ever go out there—I get them delivered to my RSS Fead!

Here is how I do it:

  • Go to Kindle Bestsellers
  • If you want the overall best sellers then scroll down to the bottom of the page.  You will see the following:

Now because I am only wanting to track certain freebies I get a bit more specific…

You can do this for each category you want to follow 🙂  I do it with the paid ones too in certain categories because there are always .99, 1.99, and 2.99 deals I don’t want to miss!

Anyway I thought I would pass along this handy little trick as it has been a great tool for me 🙂

NOTE:  Sometimes the prices change on the books within a day so if you read it after the price change it will still be in your reader 🙂

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29 responses to “Blogger Confession: How I Track Amazon Free Reads: A little trick I use..

  1. Yeah, I used to track and download these like crazy but then I got tricked a few times with Christian books and I kind of lost my enthusiasm. Still thanks for the tips 🙂

  2. Mariana Pereira Beze

    I loved this idea. Like I already don't have more than enough read for my entire life, this will help a lot.Thanks

  3. mishy

    So jealous! Being in Australia we get region locked on a lot of the freebies.. Not to mention, I also have a Sony Reader instead of a Kindle [sad face]

  4. Felicia Sparks

    They are great and plus if you just got your kindle a great way to ease into getting freebies 🙂

  5. Felicia Sparks

    I know the moment I discovered that you could drill down I realized how many I was missing since they only did the top 10

  6. Alyssa Kirk

    I'm so using these tips. I'm still getting used to the Kindle and this will be an awesome help. Thanks!

  7. Missie, The Unread R

    Oooh! I was already doing this for best seller, but I didn't know you could be that specific! Woohoo!! This has the potential to get me into a lot of trouble.

  8. Bookish Brunette

    Dude!!!! This is an epic win!!!! I second Tina's thoughts! This is going to be Pininterest all over again!!!! YES! 😀

  9. Jen (In the Closet W

    Okay, so I think I'm an idiot because I'm not quite sure how the whole RSS Feed works. Where does it get delivered to? How do you keep it from getting to huge? Does it go to my email inbox? *sigh* Sometimes I feel like such an idiot. LOL! I'd like to track these better. Really I could just google "RSS Feed". I'm going to have to do that.I hope you had fun at your 5K! Well, except for the wind. But, it sounded like something fun. 😀

  10. Kristin

    Great tip…I wonder if this would work with Barnes and Noble – I have a Nook. I am going to have to look into this!