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Dewey 24 Hour ReadaThon


Howdy y’all! This is my 11th Dewey’s ReadAThon!

WOW! I can’t believe that 🙂 I cheered in my first two (1 in 2009, 1 in 2010) and then I jumped into the reading end when I decided that I would do it for charity. I have never made it the whole 24 hours but I am getting pretty consistent at making it 20 hours.  When I started though it was anywhere from 12 to 15. Quite frankly I think it is awesome if you just get in 6! My motto is do the best you can do and rock the time you do spend on it.

Here are my tips for maximizing your reading time:

  1. Make post templates ahead of time! I will put mine at the bottom of this post but this saves you a ton of time! Make sections for everything you keep track of: Books Read, Current Book Reading, Challenges done, Charity Tracking, Cheers Given. Whatever it is that you want to track!
  2. Give yourself options! Do yourself a favor and make a library run before this weekend! I can rock a readathon if I can get on a series roll. So I will grab 4 or 5 series from different genres and hope one of them fit my mood. The readathon is NO TIME FOR FORCED reading. Put down those review books (unless that is what you are in the mood for) and just read books that you want. You will read longer if you are having fun reading.
  3. Notify family, friends, pets (so mine don’t listen but you might luck out) that your focus for 24 hours is on reading and readathon activities. Just because you are home does not mean you are available. I am pretty sure they can live without whatever for 24 hours.
  4. Try to give yourself a readathon space that is just for you. If you live with other people just pull a Dirty Dancing and tell them “this is my space”!
  5. Stock up on treats! During the readathon you are going to need stuff that will perk you up or that you look forward too. I have specific treats for if I make it to certain hours. I put the ones that I don’t normally allow myself down for later hours so that I am striving to get there. Yes I am motivated by Pumpkin Bread and Cinnamon Rolls (don’t judge).
  6. Get up and move! Seriously, break out those audiobooks every hour for 5 to 10 min and MOVE! It will keep your energy flowing. I tend to make it 15 min as I am getting tired because it helps trick me into going one more hour.
  7. Listen to your body! If at hour 4, 8, 12 whatever you need a break then take one. It is quite alright to break and recharge.
  8. Listen to your body (yes again)! If you can’t go any longer there is no shame in calling it a night/day/whatever. This isn’t a competition. It is about having fun, connecting with other readers, and pushing your limits. It isn’t about besting someone else! There is no failing in this readathon.
  9. Set goals but don’t make them the measure of your success. I always have reading goals but if I don’t make them at the end of the time, I don’t feel bad. I measure success based on the amount of fun I had and the amount of carbs I consumed (again don’t judge LOL)
  10. Read for something outside of just making it 24 hours: Charity, Extra Books (for every book you read, you can buy one), Money in the Book Budget (for every book read/hour listened is an extra $5 in the book budget). It gives you something else to keep going!

Here is my template for Dewey’s ReadAThon:

Dewey 24 Hour ReadaThon

Dewey’s 24 Hour #ReadAThon Oct 2014 Hour ???? (I do every 4)

  • Current Book Reading:
  • Books Finished:
  • Current Book Listening:
  • Audiobook Finished:

Collage: (because this makes it fun for me-example from hour 16 in April)

Hour 16 Collage

I am reading for  Insert Charity or Incentive  (here is how my totals are determined)

  • 3 books donated for each book read (1 to each library)
  • 1 Audiobooks for each hour listened (1 to each library)
  • .10 cents for each comment (divided between the libraries)
  • I hope I get picked to do the mini-challenge again: .10 cents for every entry in my mini-challenge (divided between the libraries)
  • $6 for each hour missed ($2 for each library)
  • Comments on this post .10 cents

Links to Blogs Reading for Charity (because I visit them every 4 hours):

  • Blogs reading for charity in this space

Things you might track:

  1. Cheers Given
  2. Challenges
  3. Steps taken (fitness incentive)
  4. Treats allowed


So that is how I do Dewey’s! This year I am adding in some things from other bloggers that have worked for them: Graphic Novels. I think that is brilliant so I am going to see how that helps me make it for as long as I can. See y’all Saturday!

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9 responses to “How I do Dewey’s #ReadAThon

  1. Awesome – thanks for sharing this! I’m going to get myself all setup so that I don’t have to worry about anything but reading Saturday. I plan on walking my dob bunches to keep myself moving, so it should be a good day for her 🙂

    BTW – I noticed you haven’t read the Alex Craft series – I just blew through them, if you’re looking for a good audio series. I can share on dropbox if you’re interested. #1 is Grave Witch by Kalayana Price

  2. graphic novels are great for the wee hours when you are exhausted and can’t concentrate enough to read regular books and audio may put you to sleep. I save my graphic novels for 12:00 AM and later. That’s when I’m dragging. The pictures and images engage my mind a little more and help me focus enough to keep going. I also tend to do a lot of short novellas etc later in the night when I’m too tired to concentrate on a “big” book.

  3. Flo

    I love your tips, particularly the last one mentioning ‘Money in the Book Budget’ 😉
    But I do not thank you for reminding me the existence of cinnamon rolls (yes, I had forgetten them! Don’t ask how it is possible…) They are not easy to find where I live (in France) but I should be able to have some (and I’ve noted the ‘Get up and move!’… particularly useful after having eaten cinnamon rolls 😉

    Thanks for this post and have a great time!

  4. I’m reading for charity again this round. This time I’m doing it for DFW Purebred Cat Rescue, who I adopted Cleo through and who I’m currently fostering George through. I posted on their FB page about the RAT so I’m hoping some of the folks over there will swing by to visit me throughout the day and cheer me on and help raise money for the organization.

  5. I’ll be doing some cheering for this ReadAThon and making a donation to the K9 for Warriors, which is the charity that I read for in the previous one (even though I’m not participating in this one). Good luck and enjoy.

  6. Is the Dewey read-a-thon this weekend? I thought I missed it, so this is good news. 🙂 I like your tips, I normally don’t do so well but I