Geeky Tips: 5 Quick SEO Tips for Book Bloggers/Authors

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Geeky Tips: 5 Quick SEO Tips for Book Bloggers/Authors

5 Quick SEO Tips for Book Bloggers/Authors

Hi Y’all!  I have been asked a few questions about SEO in the last few weeks.  Most of this I have garnered from all the wonderful resources out on the web. Seriously, google SEO and there are hundreds of free resources out there. They are fantastic!  I came back from Bloggy Boot Camp fired up over SEO!  While some of the SEO implementation is very time-consuming, there are things that you can do today that will get you started! You will also see differences almost immediately in your stats (if you weren’t SEO friendly in the first place).

So let’s get the ball rolling on upgrading your SEO!

Get those stats so that you can tell the difference SEO makes!  What does that mean?  It means you need to set up stats for your blog in cyberspace.  Here are just a few places that it needs to be done:

Claim your Blog!  What does this mean? It means you need to claim your blog all over cyberland!  If there is a place for you to assign your blog to your name it should be marked.  Even if it is not something you will use. Some places to do this:

Geeky Tips: 5 Quick SEO Tips for Book Bloggers/Authors

Geeky Tips: 5 Quick SEO Tips for Book Bloggers/Authors

  • Technorati ( ): on the right hand side after signing up you can claim your blog! Give them some time as they are slow but this was not a place I was aware of until I read the Mom Blog SEO Book.

Geeky Tips: 5 Quick SEO Tips for Book Bloggers/Authors

  • Squidoo ( it is a place where you can set up a lens of your blog posts.  I am not sure about this one but I did create one just in case I decide to use it.

Tag those photos! What does that mean?  Tag your photos in your blog posts with the title of your blog post.  That way people can find your through image search and regular search.  BE CAREFUL:  if your blog has over 5 pictures then only tag 5—too many tags lessen your rating! If you don’t use your keyword phrase very often in your blog post then you can tag more but try to watch for oversaturation!

Geeky Tips: 5 Quick SEO Tips for Book Bloggers/Authors
With my review button I always use the description in both the title and the tag! With most others I use the title for the photo description and the tag for the blog post.

Use Social Sharing Icons on each Post! What does that mean?  It means give your readers a way to share your posts when they want.  Each time your articles are shared through a social network by someone other than yourself, your SEO increases!  So don’t make it hard to  share out those articles!

Geeky Tips: 5 Quick SEO Tips for Book Bloggers/Authors

Think of a Keyword for every post before writing! What does that mean?  It means think of a focus (or Keyword) that you can use several times while writing your post.  For Book Reviews this can be the Title of the Book.  Make sure to use that Book Title in the title of the post, in the first 3 sentences of your post (I just use Book:______, Author_______, Article Type: Book Review), and a couple of times throughout your post.  BE CAREFUL: don’t oversaturate your post with the keyword as it will again bring down the SEO rating. (I have a few pictures tagged so I held back on using the keyword several times in my post)

Geeky Tips: 5 Quick SEO Tips for Book Bloggers/Authors

These are just 5 quick and dirty things that you can do to start getting your blog SEO optimized.  I will admit that this barely scratches the surface but it will get you started.  It will also put you in the right frame of mind while writing posts!

Give back to the community!  If you see a great blog post, review, or anything else share it with your followers.  It doesn’t have to be every single blog post but if you could just do 10 a week that would be awesome!  I have challenged myself to 10 a day (except on vacation) because I just don’t see a downside! You would be amazed about how this gets the word out about your favorite bloggers and usually brings traffic back to you!

Some of my favorite online resources for information but there are hundreds more:

  • ParaJunkee (she has a wonderful series covering all aspects of making your blog more SEO friendly)
  • Mom Blog SEO (this book honestly was a wealth of information but it is pricey)
  • The Beginners Guide to SEO (some great information here too)
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12 responses to “Geeky Tips: 5 Quick SEO Tips for Book Bloggers/Authors

  1. Thanks so much for this post! SEO is something that I am slowly working on. Right now, I do go in and do SEO for reviews that I am currently writing. I feel really dumb admitting this, but I didn’t know that you could use more than one keyword. See! I learned something new. 🙂

  2. Ruby

    SEO is one of those things I know I should pay more attention too, but at this point? I’m having a hard time posting even when I can. I don’t really understand Google Analytics, though, and I don’t want a Facebook page! It’s just one more thing to maintain. Is it really worth it?

  3. I’m putting it on the list. I’m just not sure about SEO…I did a couple of tweaks to my blog and it bumped my page views but, yanno, I don’t know if it’s because of SEO or because I’m awesome (heh. kidding).

  4. I tried some of them but omg I haaaaate microsoft email, I do not know how many times I tried so sign up and every time something was wrong