Cozy Mystery Review: Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She’s Dead by Christiana Miller (Check it Out)

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From Goodreads:Β  A little magic can go a long way — to really screwing up a girl’s life!

Mara is having the worst month of her life. At least, that’s what her cards tell her and they’ve never been wrong. She’s evicted from her apartment, loses her job and is banned from Beverly Hills. So when the tarot cards predict her imminent demise, she uses a little magic to make her world right.

Suddenly, an aunt she’s never met dies, leaving Mara as her sole heir. But when Mara moves into her inherited home, she discovers Aunt Tillie never moved out. She’s still one pissed-off old lady, even post-mortem, and she blames Mara’s magical meddling for her death.

When Mara accidentally releases a demon and awakens the spirit of the most powerful witch in history, Tillie’s ready to kill her — literally. It’s the only way she can think of to save the girl from herself. The witch and the demon, however, have other plans for Mara’s body.

Read from March 09 to 23, 2012
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Challenges: WBTC, Read for Fun, Mystery/Thriller
Overall Rating: 3.25
Story Rating: 3.25
Character Rating: 3.25

First Thought when Finished: What a quirky and fun Cozy Paranormal Mystery!

What I Loved: Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She’s Dead is full of fun and quirky characters. Poor Mara has the worst luck in the world but I had to love her gumption. She tackled each issue to the best of her abilities (which were Witchy Wicked Cool)! I really was grinning through many of her escapades. I freaking loved the cottage that she inherited! It would be so cool to live someplace like that!

What I Liked: The side characters of Gus and Tillie were fantastic editions to the story. They were always with Mara and I think they were a big part of how she got through everything!

What made me go “huh”: The story was a little choppy at times and the pacing was a little uneven. I thought the “romance” was a something that could be explored further but then again I like romances. That being said, it was such a fun read that those were just minor bumps in the road!

Final Thought: This would be a fantastic summer evening read for cozy mystery readers that don’t mind a little paranormal.

(I know this book is not marketed as a cozy mystery but honestly that is how it read to me. That is just my POV though)

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16 responses to “Cozy Mystery Review: Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She’s Dead by Christiana Miller (Check it Out)

  1. Heidi

    This looks like a fun read, but sadly it is not free anymore bummer! I will keep watching it though, you never know.

  2. Felicia the Geeky Bl

    It was super fun! The romance was lacking but I think that is because it wasn't the "focal" point.

  3. Felicia the Geeky Bl

    hehe I read it as some and didn't realize you didn't write that till you corrected it πŸ™‚

  4. Felicia the Geeky Bl

    I think you will like it—the poor lead character is a magnet for trouble πŸ™‚

  5. Missie, The Unread R

    Well, I'm big on romances too, so I probably would have wanted to see it explored more too. But glad to know it was still a fun read.

  6. Aurian

    Ok, this sounds right up my alley! On the wishlist it goes. Glad you enjoyed, I like a book that can make me laugh.

  7. Gina

    I read a book with a similar story-line (though probably not nearly as fun) when I was a teen. I still think about that book!Thanks! I'll grab this one & love it!!

  8. Blodeuedd

    If that's how you see it then that it how it is :)Even if one author recently had an meltdown over how someone did not get her book πŸ˜‰

  9. Alexis

    Sounds fantastic. I love cozy mysteries (and I trust that you recognize one when you see one). I also like there is a paranormal component.

  10. Melissa (Books and T

    A cozy paranormal? Hm… sounds interesting. I'll have to see if it is still free! πŸ™‚