Contemporary Romance Review: Nothing But Trouble by Lisa Mondello (Check It Out)

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From Goodreads: Melanie Summers, a feisty zoologist with big dreams, must spend a month in the Wyoming wilderness in order to satisfy a deal made with her father.

Stoney Buxton is a hard-driving cowboy with simple values who needs to raise quick money to save the family ranch. Re-entering the rodeo circuit seems like the best way to get the money he needs until Melanie Summers shows up at his ranch flashing easy money. To everyone else, her offer seems like the answer to all his prayers. But one look at her long legs and pouting lips and Stoney know this high society gal is going to be nothing but trouble for his cowboy heart

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Overall Rating: 3.75
Character Rating: 4.00
Story Rating: 3.50

First Thought when Finished: There are some side characters I would like to know more about (checked authors website and at least one of them is getting their own book)!

What I Loved: This was just a quick (finished in one night) read that was sweet, sexy, and set in a beautiful landscape.

Some favorite moments:

Adele (Stoney’s Mom) gave a hardy laugh. “You’ve got to cowboy up, girl. When he starts growling, growl back. Show him you have your own two feet to stand on. He can be hard, but he’s fair. He’ll ease up on you. You’ll see. Some men aren’t happy unless they’re met head on with a good challenge.”

Melanie was unforgettable. The kind of woman who left a man counting stars in the black night.

Stoney Buxton was a man of few words. But the way his gaze bore into her with such depth at those odd moments when their eyes would lock had her wondering just what he was thinking. She found it incredibly intriguing. And she found it pathetically annoying


What I Liked: I really liked Stoney and Melanie though they both had their moments that I wanted to shake them to their senses. Stoney was incredibly alpha and handsome while Melanie was stubborn to the bone. They were a good match!

What made me go huh?: Melanie holding back with her diabetes and not telling Stoney. That alone proved she was not ready for the Kenya trip in my mind. That is just something that should be shared upfront.

Final Thought: When Lisa M. releases the next books in the series I will buy them πŸ™‚

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5 responses to “Contemporary Romance Review: Nothing But Trouble by Lisa Mondello (Check It Out)

  1. Jen (In the Closet W

    So…I just downloaded this one, literally. I saw that you gave it a 4 and enjoyed it and sometimes, the freebies are hit or miss. I just read RESCUE ME by Sydney Allan…I don't really recommend it. Anyway, I'm excited!

  2. Alyssa Kirk

    They sound like quite a pair. The mom's advice made me smile. I love sweet, fast reads like this.

  3. Missie, The Unread R

    I wish I could do a Free Read Friday every Friday, but I read so slowly. :(But it looks like you have been discovering a lot of new and enjoyable series with this RC and that makes me so happy. πŸ˜‰

  4. Kelly

    I'm kinda LOL-ing over the guy's name. Stoney. I'm trying to imagine the girl calling it out in the throes of passion and… I can't.Nice review, Felicia!