Contemporary Romance Review: Cupcake: A Modern Love-Story with a Bigger-Than-Average Waistline by Mariah Jones (Check It Out)

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From Goodreads: If it weren’t for bad luck, Darcy Miller wouldn’t have any at all. After being shot as a result of her uncomfortable underwear, left by her boyfriend when he chose to become a priest, and thoroughly embarrassing herself at a health club, what’s a woman on a mission to lose weight to do?

Run a bakery! As Cupcake thrives Darcy meets the sexy new neighbor who has opened an art gallery next door. Could he possibly be interested in her? Join Darcy on her adventure of self discovery.

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Overall Rating: 4.00
Character Rating: 4.00
Story Rating: 4.00

First thought when finished: Cute read! I have had those insecurities before 🙂

What I Loved: I loved Jenny, Katie, and Darcy! Their moments of banter, wit, and conversations were a joy to read. Darcy was a character and her blunt self-descriptions rang true in my head. Though some people will find her a little neurotic, I found her to be adorably insecure. None of us are perfect but it is so much easier to look at our own flaws than accept them.

What I Liked: Thorne was such a good guy! While I never fell head over heels for him, I did really like him. More importantly, I really liked him with Darcy!

Final Thoughts when Finished: This is just a cute romance! Now I want cupcakes!

Author: Mariah Jones
Cupcake  A Modern Love-Story with a Bigger-Than-Average Waistline

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6 responses to “Contemporary Romance Review: Cupcake: A Modern Love-Story with a Bigger-Than-Average Waistline by Mariah Jones (Check It Out)

  1. Melissa (Books and T

    Oh and art! Hm… cupcakes and art… I may have to pick it up just for that fact. LOL

  2. Amanda

    *bakes cupcakes* *passes them out to Felicia and Jenny*I still need to get going on my free reads. I love that you're doing a Free Read Friday review! 🙂

  3. Jenny

    I can't help but think how much fun it would be to run a bakery. Except for the unnaturally early hour they wake up to bake. But other than that, I wouldn't mind spending all my time around the yummy pastries! I could use a good, cute romance right now, so I think I'll try this one:)