#FitReaders: Weekly Check-in Jan 1 2016

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#FitReaders: Weekly Check-in Jan 1, 2016

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Hey FitReaders! It is time for your weekly check-in (feel free to use whatever day you want to check-in–these posts will be going up on Fridays)! How are you doing this week? Did you get a day, 2 days, 3 days of exercise? Are you on track with your other health goals! I am so very proud of you for making the effort to get heart healthy and putting exercise in your life. We can do it!

This week

I am going to list my Jan goals!  I am not much at making resolutions but I do like to make monthly goals!  This month my original goals I had to rethink when I hurt my foot a few weeks ago. The stitches come out on Saturday and then I have two more weeks of light activity (probably even a little lighter than when the stitches were in so I don’t tear it open again). However I can still do arm, back, and other types of exercises.

Fitness Goals:

  1. No Fitbit worn in January. My doctor and I both think that I have formed the habit of moving enough naturally but avoid any exercises that I can’t get steps in. Since I am in my mid-40s strength training is essential so we will see how I do without wearing the device.
  2. Weight today and at the end of the month (I will explain more in my food goals below)
  3. Work out 4 days a week with strength and cardio (after foot heals).
  4. Have recovery walks 3 days a week.


Food Goals: January is my concentrate on re-habitizing myself to cooking my own meals made of real un-processed food. Starting Jan 4th I am going all “perimeter” of the store–basically meats, veggies, and the like. I would call what I am doing light Paleo since I will probably still have some quinoa and milk in my diet.

  1. Meal Plan every week!
  2. Concentrate on how I feel vs what the scale says (so no weighing in every morning–in fact just beginning and end of 30 day experiment)
  3. Grocery Shopping on Sundays –make a point to hit Sprouts for fresher veggies.

So what are your goals for Jan?

Want More Information?  Click HERE (This will also give you the information about the Virtual 5K/10K Series)

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17 responses to “#FitReaders: Weekly Check-in Jan 1 2016

  1. Bryarly Ridgdill

    This week I got 2 days of purposeful exercise, so that’s not too bad. I got my 5k distance today (yay!) so am trying to figure out how to post it appropriately (boo!).

  2. I have noticed that my Fitbit doesn’t count all my steps when I exercise and that is using a walking based workout. Oh, well. I just started wearing mine the week of Christmas and it does motivate me to not just sit around though today I’ve been pretty sedentary.

    Those are great goals! I should try Paleo. My sister really likes it and I’ve thought about it for the past couple of years but haven’t made the plunge. It would certainly help me kick my sugar addiction!

    I hope you continue to improve with your foot and can soon get back to normal exercise.

  3. Georgia

    I swear I posted this week. Brain still on vacation.
    Restarted C25K and this was week 2. I run the planned program and then just continue with more intervals until I have been out for an hour. Best run was 1/1 with 4.7 miles. I didn’t hit my 12k steps on 2 days and not gym this week (shoulder is healing from pulling a muscle). I did find a Hydraquiver (running backpack) at a resale shop brand new for $7.50 labeled as a dog vest. I am a happy dog lol. I really need to get back to my Wednesday night running group. And I started keeping a planner for my classes, training schedule and knitting.
    Get better Fle!

  4. I found I tend to just focus on steps, too! I am going to take it easy in January – still get my steps in, but try to find some strength-training/stretching exercises that I like to work into my week. I just got Jenna Wolfe’s new book, Thinner in 30 and I like all the tips she includes and am hoping I can incorporate some of them – great exercises and things like that. Hopefully that will help!

    • Awesome! I will be cheering you on. It is hard to want to do anything that won’t get steps (that is the reason he told me to put down my fitbit) because it can’t be calculated in that way 🙁 That being said as we get older it is super important so I will be doing it whether I like it or not LOL

  5. Great goals! I’m here to support you!

    I’m taking it easy in January – continue walking/exercising 6 days/week, and trying to get in 10k steps daily. Body Flow once per week. I want to get in one virtual 10k as well. But I am making it a goal to get in some strength training twice per week later this year.

  6. I’ll have to do a post next weekend. I did great at exercise overall in 2015. I worked out in some way almost every single day but I really slacked off on stretching/flexibility.

    Strength training and cardio are always hard for me to stick with so that was my goal last year but I got so good at it I’m no longer flexible. lol I need to strike a better balance.

    • Balance is key 🙂 It is so hard to find too. I think after my foot heals, I am going to look into yoga classes around here. I have never done it so it should be interesting.

  7. I’m not a fan of resolutions either. It is almost like people make them just so that they can break them. I do plan to get back into my steps and back into Daily Burn. I haven’t been very good with my steps or eating because of the holidays. I quit Daily Burn after I got hurt because I wasn’t using it. Now that I’m fully healed, I think it is time to start back up. Good luck with your goals.

  8. I probably should make a goal of meal planning as well. I hate to do it, but I do so much better when I take the time and get it done!

    • I admit it will be trial and error for me. This week I did it and the grocery shopping but will I stick to it all week? The plan is yes and I will try hard. I am sure there will be some hits/misses.

  9. Not signed up but thinking about it. I am horrible at fitness goals but need to lose weight really bad. I need to figure out how to eat healthy on a small budget and get up and move.