#FitReaders: Weekly Check-in Jan 6 2017

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#FitReaders: Weekly Check-in

#FitReaders hosted by Geeky Bloggers Book Blog  and That’s What I’m Talking About.

Hey FitReaders! It is time for your weekly check-in (feel free to use whatever day you want to check-in–these posts will be going up on Fridays)! How are you doing this week? Did you get a day, 2 days, 3 days of exercise? Are you on track with your other health goals! I am so very proud of you for making the effort to get heart healthy and putting exercise in your life. We can do it!

This week I started my #focusedmile for 2017 basically that means every day I will stand up and take a walk for a mile.  This isn’t just about fitness but about time to check-in on me and my thoughts.  Sometimes (or at least once a month) this will be part of a 5k but I needed a challenge that focused on more than just the fitness.  Pretty good start to the year: hit goal on all goal days.  I won’t do a weigh-in until next week so I am not sure about where my weight is (I always take off 2 weeks post iron treatments) but all my clothes fit so I think I am at least maintaining LOL 🙂 How is y’alls beginning of the year going?

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27 responses to “#FitReaders: Weekly Check-in Jan 6 2017

  1. Great start to the New Year! *HIGH FIVES* My first week back wasn’t that hot for exercise, but I did eat well and lost my vacation weight.

    When you do your mile walk – do you listen to music or anything? Or focus on a reflection? Talk to God? Just curious. I don’t know if I could walk without my audiobooks anymore! You’ve created this monster! haha

    • I listen to music–instrumental (if I am doing it indoors) but if I am taking the dogs for a walk I just do it with nothing. I take the time to check in with God and think about my day 🙂

  2. Sounds like you’re doing great! I love the mile walk idea that sounds great. I changed things up a bit and am doing morning workouts. It’s a change but it’s working for me. Good luck moving forward next week!

  3. Sounds like you are off to a great start this year, Felicia!!! I love your idea of the focused mile…I hope that it is working for you 🙂 Both my husband and I have been sick this week, so my year hasn’t gotten off quite the way I had hoped, but I still got in 2 5k’s so I’ll take it.

    Have a great week!!!

  4. Scarlet and I got a 3.5 mile walk in on the 2nd… then below zero temps hit, and we’ve been stuck inside. (We did accomplish a .44 mile and a .16 mile walk, but those are both hardly worth mentioning.) Hoping for warmer temps next week! Then maybe I won’t get so much evil side eye action from Scarlet…

    • WOOT WOOT on the 3.5! Crazy y’alls weather. Ours is all over the place and my sinus’ are paying the price. That side-eye is a daily look in my house even right after a walk LOL

  5. I will hit my goal of steps for the week by days end. I tried a 3.5km walk today, just to test so if I can do that next week and then maybe aim for one 5km the week after I will be going good. Like your idea of a mile a day!

  6. I have hit my 12k per day in steps every day.
    I have logged all my food in myfitnesspal for 29 days.
    I have been doing a 5k per day for 7 days now. Wednesday night with a social run is the fastest 5k I have completed since Sept. Yesterday’s 5k was just a grind. My mind and body were both meh. I haven’t found a race I really want to do for January so I think I will just skip to my one in February.
    I did switch over to the fitbit blaze and it seems my disappearing steps has stopped but I am closely watching.
    Running in the cold today might be more fun than I can handle but I do have access to treadmills so that may happen but I do have enough cold weather gear to survive out there for a while.

    I really hope those iron treatments are working for you!

    and I finally figured out that I should be using the #FitReaders out there. I can’t believe I spaced on that one.

  7. Sounds like a great start for the new year. I like the idea of taking a mile walk to just think. I just replaced my fitbit dog chewed up but I think I’ll start joining in next week.