#FitReaders: Commit to Exercise for Jan 2017

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Welcome to #FitReaders hosted by Geeky Bloggers Book Blog  and That’s What I’m Talking About.

It is time to commit to exercise for the month of Jan 2017 ! Whether you are just joining us, need to get back on the wagon, or just going to keep up your progress from last year– now is the time to stand up and say “I’m in! I’m committed to getting up and getting moving!”


What is a Virtual 5k?  This Virtual 5k is organized online and FitReaders from all over the world can compete. Where it is different from a traditional 5K is that you are responsible for completing the walk/run at any place you desire, at any time during the race timeframe that works for you. For this series, each race will need to be completed between the first and last day of the month. You will need to take a picture at the end of the race (not of your face if you don’t want but your time, song list, ect) and post it either on FB, Twitter, or your check-in. Then add your name to the finish line page for Jan so that I can keep track for end of the year medals. Grab your virtual ribbon so that you can display it proudly on your check-ins. If at the end of the year you have completed 10 of the 12 races–you will get a medal


So are you ready to commit to fit? Remember there will be weekly check-ins, motivation on twitter (#FitReaders) and on Facebook

Want More Information?  Click HERE and FitReaders 101

Let’s get this month started by adding your link down below!

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19 responses to “#FitReaders: Commit to Exercise for Jan 2017

  1. I am committed to being fit but running long distances is not for me. I run a mile on the treadmill and it takes me all of 20 minutes! Then I do mat work and some weights. You are doing a great thing to encourage folks to get active! I listen to audio books while I run on the treadmill. 🙂
    Glad I found your site through The Book Date!

  2. Count me in! I am back on track this year with rejoining WW and logging food/exercise. Every little bit helps and having a supportive group like this really does help.

  3. Janina

    I’m in for this year. I can see the impact the last year had Ansicht can’t wait to find out what will happen this year.

  4. I flunked out in 2016 but am back for 2017 with a very moderate daily walking goal, however I am going to aim for one 5km walk a month! Or I will adjust that as I increase fitness for Feb.

  5. I’m in again for 2017!!! My goal for 2017 is to bring more balance to my fitness regiment…I tend to do mostly just walking and really need to incorporate some yoga/strength training on a more regular basis. I have my big walk – the MS Challenge Walk 3-day, 50 mile walk the 1st weekend of March, so I’m focused on that right now, but then I need to continue with a good plan. I like having a goal, so I’ll be looking for something else to sign up for next 🙂

  6. commitments – 12k steps per day (I am trying a different fitbit (blaze syncing to a different phone & account) and still using my garmin, my charge hr is still taking 1 to 3k steps away when it syncs).

    5k per day for Jan – I am on my 3rd day of 5k’s and it’s going well. I am happy to have my local running group to encourage me.

    Logging my food on myfitnesspal every day. I am almost a month in and it’s helped. After I hurt my back I stopped running, gym, and tracking food. It isn’t pretty. I am down 3 lbs in about a month.

    I have my 1 mile and 5 k completed for the month!

  7. We’re supposed to have a cold snap this weekend so I’ll try to get my 5k in then.

    Thnak you again for hosting another year of FitReaders. I don’t post about it as often as I would like but you girls have kept me moving on days that I didn’t want to get up at all.

  8. Count me in! Thank you for continuing this, I’m looking forward to keeping up in 2017.
    PS I love my medal for the 2016 5ks Thank you so much. I’m going for the 10k medal this year!