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Review: The Santinis by Melissa Schroeder (NonAudiobook Review)Source: Kindle Purchase

Format: eBook

The Santini's by Melissa Schroeder

Date Read: July 2013

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Book One:


Leo Santini is a man who always has a plan. It is the way to live a well-ordered life. He never planned on dealing with the hardheaded physical therapist who is taking care of his friend. He definitely never planned on being so totally infatuated with her.

Maryanne Johnson doesn’t have time for a romance—especially with a military man. Sure, Leo is drop dead sexy, but more than one man in a uniform had hurt her before. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to resist him or his kisses. It doesn’t help that the man is as sweet as he is sexy. Falling for him is easy, but she does her best to keep herself from admitting it to him.

Leo knows she wants to keep things simple but when a Santini is in love nothing will stop him from achieving his goal—even the hardheaded woman he loves.

Book 2:


Marco is the quiet one of the four brothers which works well for his career as a Navy Seal. Living in Hawaii is a dream come true, his only probably is the infatuation he has for his landlady. He’s not sure he wants to act on his attraction until his brothers push Marco’s temper with a little harmless flirting.

Alana Kailikea is a woman who understands loss. Her entire family was killed when she was only eighteen, leaving her an heiress. A bad experience with gold digger has left her wary of most men—especially gorgeous men like Marco. She never expected him to ask her out, or that it would lead to a romance that has them burning up the sheets. Still, she tells him that an affair is all she wants.

Marco doesn’t want an affair—he wants forever. He agrees to her idea of an affair determined to use every chance she gives to convince her that they were made for each other.

Book 3:


The youngest of the Santinis, Gee has always been the biggest flirt. He usually has no problem charming women. That is until he spies Kianna Jones across the room. For once in his life, he is unable to charm her into a date.

Kianna is a woman who doesn’t expect romance, especially with a sexy PJ who is five years younger than she is. But, he just won’t give up so she agrees to a date, which turns into several and eventually to the best sex of her life. Still, she isn’t ready to commit beyond their present status.

Gee isn’t happy when Kianna resists taking their relationship to the next level but he refuses to give up. If there is one thing a Santini understands is that nothing worth fighting for comes easily—and he is prepared to launch the fight of his life.

Book 4:


Vince Santini considers himself the last man standing. Being the only unmarried brother is a badge of honor, until the woman had always been in his heart returns. Acting on his attraction hadn’t been an option seeing that she was his best friend’s girl, but now she is single and free for him to pursue.

Julianna Andrews is a survivor. It took her years to walk away from her abusive husband, and now all she cares about is building her business. She doesn’t have time for Vince or the temptation he represents. He is a reminder of her past. One argument leads to a heated kiss, and the passion that threatens to consume them both.

Vince knows that Jules might not be ready for happily ever after with anyone, but he is bound and determined to convince her that he can give her that—and more. This Santini is happy to be the last man standing—as long as he is HER man.

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Publisher: Createspace

Also by this author: A Little Harmless Ride

Book Shout Outs: Book Review: The Santinis by Melissa Schroeder (NonAudiobook Review)

Book Review: The Santinis by Melissa Schroeder (NonAudiobook Review)

This past weekend was #DoinItDirty Hosted by Kelly ( and Amanda (  I didn’t officially participate but I did get a little bit of reading done.  I wanted to give a shout out to these 4 stories since I enjoyed them so much!

Book One: Leonardo

Read for Fun (Kindle)
Overall Rating: 4.00

Quick Thoughts: Leonardo and MJ were perfectly suited for each other. I loved that there was a great mix of romance and smexy in this short read. I would have loved a longer story though. The characters are what shined. I love the Santini men.

Book Two: Marco

Read for Fun (Kindle)
Overall Rating: 4.25

Quick Thoughts: Marco and Alana were the pair that I rooted for the most. I loved their connection from the beginning and Hawaii was the perfect setting for their love story. I also liked that Alana had a strong male (non-romantic) friendship. This doesn’t happen enough in my opinion.

Book Three:

Read for Fun (Kindle)
Overall Rating: 4.50

Quick Thoughts: Gee is probably my favorite brother! It has been fun getting to know him through the series and I was glad he picked a gal like Kianna. He needed someone with some spirit and spunk. I felt that she matched him perfectly!

Book Four:

Read for Fun (Kindle)
Overall Rating: 5.00

Quick Thoughts:
Favorite book of the series and such a powerful story! Vincent was such a hard case that I wasn’t sure how I would feel about him in a romance. However, Julianna was perfect for him. Her backstory was powerful and my heart hurt for her. This was a fantastic end to the series!

Overall this was a fantastic series that I recommend to people who love quick reads that are both romantic and smexy. There was enough story here to pull at your heartstrings and each book built on the one before! Totally adored!

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