DFWTea Reader Events Joanne Fluke and Julia London

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DFW Tea Event JF and JL


Recently I attended two DFWTea Reader Events: Joanne Fluke and Julia London. They were both a blast! I have to admit that haven’t read much by either author but they are now firmly on my to try list for this summer.

Joanne Fluke

Can I just say what a delight Joanne Fluke was? She was spunky, fun, and truly loves what she does! She told really fun stories surrounding her books, the writing process, and how long we can expect the series to go on (at least 4 more books). The foodie in me was delighted to hear that all the recipes are tried and true.Β  She gets some from fans and some from her “old shoebox” of recipes. Her tip in hunting out a great recipe: Always pick the card that is the messiest! Isn’t that the truth? That means it is well used and loved!

Joanne Fluke Tea

Blackberry Pie Murder: Goodreads | Amazon | Audible

Picture Roundup (Clockwise):

  • We got autographed Blackberry Pie Murder books from Joanne!
  • She was delightful and always smiling
  • We got delicious desserts all from recipes in the books
  • Hanging with friends is what makes these events fun (w/Summer)

Julia London

Julia London was just flat out fun. I have read a few of her books (the contemporary ones) but evidently it is the historical books that I need to give a whirl. The Trouble with Honor sounds right up my alley! The tea was lively, I made new friends, and she gave away prizes. Of course, I totally didn’t win any of those BUT I did get to sit with friends so I was a big winner!

Julia London Tea

The Trouble with Honor: Goodreads | Amazon | Library Thing

Photo Roundup (From the top then left to right):

  • The Trouble with Honor and the Audiobooks I brought in to get signed!
  • My dress matched Honor’s Dress (though you can’t see it in the picture)
  • Julia answering questions (she was fun and quick on her feet)
  • The hardest working Assistant ever: My pal Nit
  • Mindy and I before the humidity struck!
  • Julia answering more questions and giving away goodies!
  • Summer and I after the humidity hit!

It was another delightful few weeks here in Dallas! I know I have said it before but my town is so gosh darn romance reader friendly! I LOVE IT!

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9 responses to “DFWTea Reader Events Joanne Fluke and Julia London

  1. I have two questions for you: What does DFW mean, and did Joanne Fluke tell you if Hannah ends up with Mike or with Norman? My vote goes to Norman …

  2. What fun! I really need to get clued in to these reader events in the DFW area – I see you post about them while you’re there r after the fact and I think, “geez, how come I didn’t know about that?” I know I wouldn’t have the time/money to go to a lot of them, but I’d like to try.

    Which reminds me – I was going to ask about joining in on your book club since I’m in the area – are y’all accepting newbies?

  3. Another terrific event. I have only read the first book in the Fluke series and it was fun, loved the recipes. I want to read more. Julia is an author I need to try. The goodies in your pics look delicious!

  4. We are so lucky to have so many authors visit. I think I had a major fangirl moment when I saw that Chloe Neill was coming to RnR this year. Will be getting my ticket and booking my room as soon as I get back from RT!