Dewey’s 24 Hour #ReadAThon #Reading4Charity Hours 16 to 24

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Deweys Read-a-Thon

Happy Past My Bed Time Y’all (or at least here in Texas)! This will the tracking post for hours 16 to 20 for Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon!

As always, I am reading for charity. This time it is for the Richardson Adult Literacy Center!

How I do this:

  1. Every book read is worth $2 donation (I usually get about 5 done)
  2. Every comment on an update post, intro post, and mini-challenge post (I am hosting one too) is worth .50 cents
  3. Every hour read is worth $1 (last time I got in 16 hours but aiming for 18 this time)
  4. This time: Every entry into my mini-challenge post (Hour 4) is worth .50 cents

Hour 16 Check In:

I am still hanging in there!  I think I have hit a wall so I got up to do 15 min of walking to get a 2nd wind!  IT WORKED! This is when I normally go to bed so I am hoping if I can make it past this hump I will be good to go 🙂

Reading: Rescue My Heart by Jill Shavis

Rescue My Heart by Jill Shavis

Hour 16 Photo



Hour 17 Check In:

Funny books and music I think are going to be my saviors!  I don’t know that I will make the full 24 but I am going to give it my all 🙂

Hour 17 Photo:



Hour 18 Check-In!

I feeling the drowse–not going to lie!  I imagine my reading will get slower because I will have to get up more often 🙂

Hour 18 Photo


Hour 21 Check-In

Reading: Chances Are by Christy Reece

This will be my 5th book 🙂


Hour 21 Picture:


Last Entry!

Made it for 21 out of the 24 hours! WOOT!  Total Reading Time of 19 hours 🙂

Last Photo:



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7 responses to “Dewey’s 24 Hour #ReadAThon #Reading4Charity Hours 16 to 24

  1. You did better than I would have. Great job!! Wow 5 books. I do good to get one book read in one day. And I’ve not done that in a long time. But that’s because my kiddo won’t let me. LOL

  2. You are a superstar!!! Way to rock the readathon! I’ve never done the 24 hour readathon and not sure sure I would make it nearly as long as you did!

    Hope you enjoyed all your books and that you get some much needed sleep!

  3. Hi Felicia

    Just seen your comment on the main page. Keep on reading! You can make it! And for charity too! Brilliant!

    Chris (Team Lion – looking for readers with at least one eye open)