Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon: Charity, Books, & Challenge

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Deweys Read-a-Thon

Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon: Charity, Books, & Challenge

Dewey’s is this weekend y’all!  Are you ready? This is what I looked like around the clock in April:

Deweys April 2013

This time I am hoping for 20 out of 24 hour participation!  I already know of 2 hours that I have to be out of the house due to a birthday party but otherwise I should be good. I am depending on my dogs to keep me up for the 24 hours (they will fail miserably at staying up themselves).

I am reading for Charity again this time!  Last time I made $125 for Richardson Adult Literacy Center.  This time I am going to read for the Love on Wheels Transport Program.

How it works (I will be mixing audiobooks and ebooks)

  • $5 for each book read
  • $5 for each hour listened (this is great for getting up and doing some exercise to keep the blood pumping)
  • 25 cents for each comment
  • 25 cents for every entry in my mini-challenge (8pm CST is when that happens)
  • $5 for each hour missed (This will be at least 2)

Books!  Dude this is one area that I have learned not to plan (though I don’t recommend this tactic to most).  I am such a mood reader that I pretty much just have to follow my mood.  I will be at home for this read-a-thon so I will have all my books!  ALL OF THEM! I am charging my kindle in advance.

Challenge: I am hosting a challenge again y’all!  Just a heads up to start thinking about what your favorite book is and who your dream narrator would be!  I thought it would be something fun and quick everyone could participate in. I would like Karl Urban to narrate Lonesome Dove.  Won’t happen but it would be awesome!

Hope to see y’all Saturday!  At the very least stop by and cost me money 🙂

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23 responses to “Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon: Charity, Books, & Challenge

  1. Good luck Felicia! Hope you will stay awake as long as you want to! Just read some great books, and perhaps some so scary you don’t dare click the lights off.

  2. You know I’ll be cheering you on! Good luck tomorrow, (and I’ll start thinking about what book I’d like Jeremy Irons to narrate).

  3. 20 hours??? Ack! I’m going for 8. And if I read for more than 8 hours, then that’s great. It’s been a year since I last participated and I’m a little rusty. Plus I haven’t prepared my snacks and stuff. Bad me! Hoping to hit up the grocery store tomorrow before my 8am start time.

    Good luck!

    • I will be cheering on your 8 🙂 I am going for 20 just because I made it last time and I have the house to myself w/the dogs. If I had other people to worry about—totally couldn’t do it!

  4. Nice! I haven’t ever done the readathon but I’ll be cheering you on! And probably reading along with you for much of it…though I need my 8 hours of sleep or I’m a total B. Good luck!

  5. I’m excited about it! My stack of books has already changed about three times. LOL That’s why I pull out way more than I can read in 24 hours. I’m a mood reader also so I need to have all my bases covered. 🙂 OT, but… you totally need to teach me how to do that instagram collage thingy. I’ve seen others do it too, but no idea how or where I would do that. I want to document my day of reading. 🙂