Review: Creed’s Honor by Linda Lael Miller

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From Goodreads: Conner Creed knows exactly who he is: a hardworking rancher carrying on his uncle’s legacy in Lonesome Bend, Colorado. Maybe a small-town cowboy’s life isn’t his dream, but he owes the man who took him in as a kid. Until the identical twin brother he’s been estranged from for years reenters his life.

Conner struggles with identity issues as he gets to know his wilder brother. And then he meets Tricia McCall, a beautiful woman who knows a thing or two about living someone else’s dreams. Together, they just might find their own dreams right here in Lonesome Bend….

Received for Review
Overall Rating 4.00
Character Rating 4.25
Story Rating 3.75

Note: This is the 2nd in this series by Linda Lael Miller with Conner being the Creed in the lead. This was such a sweet,down home love story that makes you smile when finished reading.

What I Loved: Conner and Tricia are both great leading characters. The attraction between them is sizzling but they both deny it from the beginning. I must warn that this is a slow building romance, they only have casual conversations in the beginning of the book. Valentino is the best dog-gone character in the book. If I didn’t know better, I would say that dog was matchmaking like nobody’s business and having Sasha and Natty help.Plus, there is a good dose of Brody in the book and that is a great thing!

What I Liked: I am excited about the next book in the series: The Creed Legacy after getting to see more of Brody (need the story behind where he has been) and Carolyn (whose friendship with Tricia I loved). Plus, getting see Boston and Melissa again in this book was really great. I just can’t wait to see how it all ends.

Complaints: Not enough Natty and Sasha (she was fantastically precious).

Why I gave it a 4: This story just made me feel good all over because of the richness of the characters. I really cared about what happened to Conner, Tricia, Natty, Sasha, Brody, and Carolyn.

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9 responses to “Review: Creed’s Honor by Linda Lael Miller

  1. Christi Snow

    Yippee! This one is in my TBR pile…I am so glad to hear that it is a good one! smiles…

  2. Jess

    My favorite character is Santa'a Little Helper on The Simpsons. I'd like to be entered in the contest please! Thanks for the giveaway!jcross719 at yahoo dot com

  3. Amanda

    My favorite pet character right now is Devlin the Beezlepup in Michelle Muto's The Book of Lost Souls. :)onabookbender at gmail dot com

  4. Tore

    My favorite pet character from a movie is Willy from Free Willy. Please enter me in contest. I would love to read this book. I love reading about romance.

  5. Bookish Brunette

    *ahem* WHAT is WRONG with Melissa up there? NOT drawn to cowboy books?? HOW can that be? Is there such a thing? hello?

  6. JenM

    The review definitely makes me want to read the book and I love books that have animals in them. My favorite pet is Sparky in Laura Bickle's books Embers and Sparks. He's an elemental fire salamander that loves to play with cats and dogs. jen at delux dot com

  7. Melissa (Books and T

    What a great feel good book! I'm not drawn to cowboy books but I have really been considering these! I need to know more about these characters. They sound so interesting especially Natty and Sasha (I'm so curious!)

  8. Tara SG (25 Hour Boo

    This isn't something I would normally pick up, but I am trying to expand my reading…My favorite book pet (or the first one I can think of) is Phin the horny unicorn from Brush of Darkness :)contact@taraSG.com25 Hour Books

  9. Missie

    With slow build romances like this, it is hard to avoid the fact that you really become connected to the characters. I loved the sense of kinship I felt for them and with them. I'm so freaking excited about Brody's book! Can't wait to read it.