Cover Girls Book Club: Recap and Books for March 2016

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Cover Girls Book Club

Last night was my other local bookclub (Cover Girls) meeting. It was so much FUN! There was tons of spirited conversation around books and evidently our picks for Feb were quite the passion inducing reads.

Feb 2016 Book Club Choices (all ratings are an average of those that finished the books)

FB Cover

This was liked by the people who read the whole thing. 2 people (me included) walked away from bookclub with book 2 of the series. Evidently the 2nd one is even better than the first according to the people who read it. Looking forward to getting to it! 4.5 (rating from those that finished it)


Oh the passionate conversation around this one was fantastic. While this was not a favorite read of those that were discussing it, it was the most passionate conversation of the evening. Brenda Novak has some great fan girls in our book club so that leads to some great discussions around her books. This one was centered mostly on the twist in the book, the beginning introduction, and expectations of authors that you adore. You had to be there but this was spectacular to watch.


Overall this was pretty well liked. Those that read it agreed we would have liked a little more connection between the guys (and more background) and oddly a little more world building. The action and romance were quite good so most of us plan on continuing the series.


This was an unusual choice for our bookclub but those that read it found it very interesting.Β  We agreed that it isn’t so much typical horror but a bit of mystery, romance, and fringe. It was delightful to discuss something that was not a usual read for us.


This is one of those reads that is later in the series than we normally pick. For those that were caught up on Kate Daniels, it was a total hit and a not miss (I happen to agree as I was one of those that read it/loved it/make it a non-skip). However for those not quite caught up they were a little lost. We all wanted more Derek and Julie!





March Reads

March Reads

  1. The Rogue Not Taken (Scandal & Scoundrel, #1) by Sarah MacLean
  2. More Than You Know (The Harrisons, #1) by Jennifer Gracen
  3. Extreme Honor (True Heroes, #1) by Piper J. Drake
  4. Harmony Black (Harmony Black, #1) by Craig Schaefer
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9 responses to “Cover Girls Book Club: Recap and Books for March 2016

  1. Why haven’t I read that Andrews short? I’m not sure I even knew it exists, Felicia! It sounds fantastic, but then, anything in the Kate Daniels univers makes me swoon in advance πŸ˜€
    I would have gladly participated in the discussion about The Secret Sister, too! I love Brenda Novak, and most of her books are quite big hits with me. But it’s true that once we love an author, we have certain expectations that ‘need’ to be met πŸ˜‰